Five of the Best Crystals for Virgos - and their anxiety

Five of the Best Crystals for Virgos - and their anxiety

Five of the Best Crystals for Virgos - and their anxiety
Aah Virgos. You’ll find those born under this Earth sign are amongst the most high achieving, well presented, exceptionally kind, helpful and organised humans on the planet. As methodical, diligent, caring and hardworking as Virgos are, the contrast in their character is a tendency to perfectionism, micro-management, criticism of others (“I’m just trying to help you!?”) and perhaps even martyrdom. In their quest for excellencein all facets of life (including yours, whether you want it or not), Virgos are very susceptible to anxiety. They will obsessively worry about everything from tiny details to that hurtful thing someone said or did ten years ago. 
Virgos will work themselves to exhaustion, put the needs of others first and overthink just about anything.
The Best Crystals for Virgo Anxiety
Put simply, Virgos and anxiety go hand-in-hand. This overachieving micromanager simply needs a little calming, clearing and loving energy from our favourite Shiny Storm crystals to help balance out those negative energies.

There’s a reason this is one of Shiny Storm’s most popular crystals and an excellent stone for all Virgos. Amethyst is the ultimate calming, purification and strengthening stone, helping Virgos to clear blocked chakras and negativity. Meditation with this stone will promote greater clarity and creativity for our overthinker friends, and help clear stress and anxiety from their overworked bodies.

Black Tourmaline

A grounding stone, Black Tourmaline helps keep Virgos grounded and balanced. Even better, this crystal absorbs anxiety and helps protect against the negativity of others, something our Earth sign friends view as the ultimate confidence-shattering insult. Our Protection and Purification Crystal Infused Candle is the perfect gift to show just how much you appreciate your Virgo love this year.


Ease the Virgo’s frazzled mind with a beautiful tumbled Lepidolite from Shiny Storm. This gorgeous stone will help to restore themselves to emotional balance during stressful periods, when suffering from overwhelm or excessive worry. Lepidolite will help bring Virgos back to a state of emotional calmness and intellectual clarity.

Moss Agate

As a stone born directly from the Earth, Moss Agate is a powerful healer for this strong Earth sign. Through it, Virgos will ground themselves and reconnect with their true inner purpose: to live in joy and light. Meditation with this stone will help clear those feelings of frustration and bitterness, returning the Virgo to a greater sense of positivity and wisdom.

Rose Quartz

Virgos strive to help and solve others’ problems, so much so they tend to severely neglect their own sense of wellbeing. Rose Quartz ist he best self care crystal, promoting forgiveness, self lov eand stimulating the root chakra to help ease all the anxiety we tend to store in excess there. Virgos can also become overcome with negativity when they feel their hard work for others has gone unnoticed. Roses Quartz helps them realise just how beautiful, clever and fabulous they truly are.

Pop into one of our Shiny Storm stores, our market days or online to find the perfect crystal for your Virgo. And for all those friends of this stylish Earth sign, why not wear a bracelet of Amazonite, it will help you to manage your own emotions, rather than those of your analytical Virgo friend!