Crystals from K to Z

✧ Each crystal holds a power and energetic makeup
of its very own ✧

Browse our crystals below and their meanings to find the perfect one for you.


Meditation ✧ Dreams ✧ Attunement

Often blue in colour, Kyanite does not absorb or amplify energy, but rather moves it around. This makes it extremely useful in attuning energies and meditation.


Transformation ✧ Expansion ✧ Attunement

An ordinary stone before being cut and polished, the stunning beauty lying beneath is a wonderful metaphor for the power of Labradorite, which holds the connection between the Atonement physical plane we inhabit and unseen realms. 

Lapis Lazuli

Communication ✧ Wisdom ✧ Truth

Lapis Lazuli is not actually a crystal, but a metamorphic rock. However, its beauty and magical properties have been sought after for centuries, particularly by the Ancient Egyptians.

Lemon Calcite

Awareness ✧ Determination ✧ Focus

This is a relatively new and powerful meditation stone discovered only recently in Pakistan. Lemon Calcite has been found to be excellent for recentering yourself and restoring balance to your life.


Transition ✧ Optimism ✧ Emotional Balance

This incredibly beautiful and powerful stone balances the emotions and lifts the spirits.


Protection ✧ Confidence ✧ Healing

This beautiful crystal is the perfect healing heart stone, one which can provide ultimate protection from negativity, whilst filling the auric field with positivity.


Grounding ✧ Invigorate ✧ Energise

This form of Jasper comes from Mooka Creek in the Kennedy Ranges of Western Australia and is a powerful stone connected to the ancient healing properties of Mother Nature.


Intuition ✧ Calming ✧ Higher Realms

Ethereal in appearance and nature, Moonstone helps gain knowledge of self at the highest level.

Moss Agate

Healing ✧ Balancing ✧ Connection to Earth

Moss Agate is formed from the weathering of strong volcanic rock, with deep colours of vibrant green and sometimes brown.


Protection ✧ Grounding ✧ Clearing

Obsidian is a root chakra stone that can help to ground and protect the user.

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Peach Moonstone

Self-love ✧ Love ✧ Calming

Sharing the same divine feminine energies as Moonstone, the peachy colour in this stone affords a greater connection between your Heart and Solar Plexus Chakras.

Pink Amethyst

Love ✧ Protection ✧ Wisdom

A powerful ‘love stone’ credited with enhancing spiritual wisdom and protection from emotional upheaval.

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Pink Calcite

Self-Comfort ✧ Love ✧ Inspiration

This delicate pink stone emits a true and loving energy, banishing fear and trauma.

Pistachio Calcite

Insight ✧ Inspiration ✧ Growth

This is a quintessential heart stone, one which will help you heal, accept and move on to greater heights of love and happiness.

Polychrome Jasper

Vitality ✧ Action ✧ Creativity

A true ancient Earth stone exhibiting the fire element, Polychrome or Desert Jasper is an intriguing and powerful crystal which will help create a path to your desires and blow oxygen and life into your passions.


Manifestation ✧ Confidence ✧ Action

Need a bit of oomph to get you goals realised? Pyrite is the stone for you!

Rainbow Fluorite

Balance ✧ Clarity ✧ Multicoloured

Enhancing positivity, mental clarity and thinking and increasing emotional brightness are this stone’s superpowers! Considered the most versatile of the Fluorite range because of its many colours, this stone is a fantastic addition to any collection.


Self-love ✧ Kindness ✧ Healing

A truly nurturing crystal, this stone paves the way to self-love, rejuvenation and happiness.

Rose Quartz

Love ✧ Calm ✧ Healing

This gorgeous stone opens the channels to unconditional love, kindness and compassion: everyone wants more love in their lives!

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Cleansing ✧ Clearing ✧ Meditation

Because this is a very soft crystal, Selenite is often carved into beautiful shapes.


Purify ✧ Healing ✧ Protection

This is an extraordinary purifying stone and one whose dull hues when unpolished contradict its incredible powers.

Smoky Quartz

Grounding ✧ Strength ✧ Transformation

With the power to convert negative energy into positivity and with a strong capacity for grounding, Smoky Quartz is an amazingly helpful crystal.


Truth ✧ Intuition ✧ Growth

Need an intellectual energy enhancer? This is your crystal. Sodalite is wonderful for helping with insight and unlocking your intuition, whilst enhancing your mental and emotional states.

Strawberry Quartz

Love ✧ Connection ✧ Soothing

Rare and beautiful, this is an excellent amulet to wear when looking to bring more love into your life!

Tigers Eye

Confidence ✧ Clarity ✧ Self

With glistening yellow and brown colours resembling its namesake, Tiger’s Eye can also be blue and red in colour.

Tourmalinated Quartz

Clarity ✧ Calming ✧ Protection

Bringing together the properties of both Quartz and Tourmaline, this is an exceptional grounding and protection stone.


Voice ✧ Truth ✧ Peace

A truth-seeking crystal aiding communication, this beautiful blue turquoise stone is an excellent companion for anyone who is shy or struggles to find their physical, intellectual or emotional voice.