Our stunning 925 silver pendant collection is handmade in Indonesia by a local small family which we are very proud to support. All details are carefully thought and made with only high quality crystals 



Ethereal in appearance and nature, Moonstone helps gain knowledge of self at the highest leve.

Working with upper Chakras, this stone’s energy allows for greater connection to and engagement with your intuition, allowing your true self to grow, strengthen and transform. It is also deeply connected to the cycles and rhythms of Mother Earth, and greatly assists in soothing and calming the emotional state. Possessing a stable feminine energy, Moonstone balances the emotions and enhances our sensitivity to the divine.

This stone helps us connect to the higher realms.

Here, you will have the knowledge you seek, be shown eternal, universal planes and develop an enlightened consciousness.Moonstone is also well known for its protection during night time travel and travel over water, its glimmering sheen lighting the way.

Origin: Austria, Brazil, India, Sri Lanka.

Energy: Amplifies.

Colours: Black, peach, white. 

Chakra: Crown and Third Eye.


Works with: Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Cavansite.

Helps with: Strengthening intuition, psychic abilities, meditation, divination, balance, calming, soothing, love and affection, patience, self-healing, self-expression and inner peace.   

Usage tip: Place a piece of Moonstone in the glovebox of your car to assist with travelling or at night.Wear or carry a piece of Moonstone if you suffer from PMS. Meditate with Moonstone on your Sacral Chakra to release energy blocks. 





The rare and exceptionally beautiful Chrysocolla is a stone which has been used for thousands of years and was considered sacred by the Ancient Egyptians and Native Americans.

It is a powerful communication stone, with added benefits of empowerment and calming properties. This makes Chrysocolla an excellent aid to those subject to high emotions, panic and anxiety.

Use of this stone will help with discharging negative energies, and allowing the truth and inner wisdom you hold within you to surface and be heard in a calm and peaceful manner.

Reducing panic and overwhelm, Chrysocolla will help you regain and maintain a clear head and calm mind. Considering its powerful ability to balance the emotions, this stone is excellent for attracting unconditional love. Also considered a wonderful healing stone, Chrysocolla will help draw out infection and pain from effected body parts. As a feminine crystal, it has long been used with pain associated with pregnancy and menstruation.

Origin: Chile, Congo, Russia, and the USA.

Energy: Absorbs.

Colours: Blue, green and light blue. 

Chakra: Throat, Heart and Root.


Works with: Quartz, Azurite and Malachite.

Helps with: Communicating, calm, mental clarity, decision making, speaking truth, peace, tranquillity, balance, pain relief, love, healing, truth, acceptance inner peace, emotional balance.  

Usage tip: Those who tend to become erratic and are very emotional during stressful situations should carry a piece of Chrysocolla daily. Wear Chrysocolla in a necklace to help you communicate clearly and calmly.Place Chrysocolla directly onto the stomach to relieve period pain.