Clear Quartz

Harmony ✧ Power ✧ Healing

Clear Quartz is often the first crystal people purchase when starting out on their healing and wellbeing journey due to the versatile nature of this stone.

The power of this beautiful crystal has been used by ancient cultures right through to the present day to enliven and focus the energy of the holder. Clear Quartz is associated with all the chakras, and is one of the most balancing and calming of all the crystals available to us. It enhances and clarifies our thoughts, disperses negative energy and encourages harmony and joy.

Clear quartz is especially beautiful to hold close when you are trying to connect to yourself and/or starting new habits, like meditation. 

Clear quartz is also a self-cleansing crystal and if you have a large cluster, can be used as a power crystal to cleanse and charge others. It will also intensify the power of any crystal it works with by placing the flat end of the quartz at the second crystal and the point away from it.

Origin: All over the world.
Energy: Amplifies
Colours: Milky white to clear.
Chakra: All chakras.


Works with: All other crystals.
Helps with: Amplifying the properties of all other crystals and our own emotions, clear thought, improving concentration, receptiveness to clear messages, connection to higher consciousness, protection, cleansing and purification, intensifying energy and thought, balancing the body, mind and spirit.
Usage tip: Care needs to be taken when using Clear Quartz: because it amplifies energy and emotion, this can also have a negative effect if you are feeling sad or the stone has absorbed unhelpful energy. We always place a Clear Quartz close to a Smoky Quartz, since the later will convert that negative energy or emotion to positive energy. 
Use a cluster of Clear Quartz points to cleanse and clear your crystal collection with ease. If you feel physical discomfort somewhere on your body, place Clear Quartz directly onto the skin to help ease that pain. Place Clear Quartz on your work desk to encourage focus and creativity, or in the main living area of your home to attract light and harmony.



Endurance ✧ Creativity ✧ Strength

A fiery stone that acts with great speed, Garnet has been used for millennia to protect, invigorate and enhance creative powers.

It’s effects on creativity and endurance in our physical world ever since is incredible! 

Garnets are also very grounding stones and are excellent for enhancing your ability to manifest your dreams and goals, and the endurance to bring those dreams to fruition. Wearing Garnet also produces a red shield charged with positive vibrations, strengthening the aura and repelling negative energies. Lastly, vibrations of devotion and commitment within this crystal make it an excellent stone for love and relationships.

Origin: Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Brazil, Austria, and India.
Energy: Amplify.
Colours: Red, blood red.
Chakras: Heart and Root

Works with: Rose Quartz.
Helps with: Strength, verve, vigour, grounding, protection, manifestation, relationships, creativity.
Usage tip: Wearing garnet boosts your vitality and attractiveness.Carry Garnet in your wallet or purse to attract abundance.