Confidence ✧ Clarity ✧ Self

With glistening yellow and brown colours resembling its namesake, Tiger’s Eye can also be blue and red in colour.

A powerful manifestation stone, this is a wonderful crystal to help uncover and empower the self and enhance creativity.
Tiger’s Eye gives off vibrations of strength, clarity and inspiration whilst energising the body. Creative energy is greatly enhanced, with the stone helping to overcome tiredness and despair so that the user can carry out action to completion. 

Tiger’s Eye is also a stone of mental clarity and balance, sharpening the mind and thoughts.   

Origin: Brazil, Canada, South Africa, India.
Energy: Absorbs.
Colours: Red, yellow, blue.
Chakra: Throat, Solar Plexus & Root.


Works with: Citrine.
Helps with: The self, self-esteem, self-expression, self-love, self-worth, defining the self, self-criticism, manifestation.
Usage tip: Unpolished Tiger’s Eye contains asbestos, so using polished stones is safest. Meditate with Tiger’s Eye with a specific problem in mind to gain greater clarity and confidence. Place Tiger’s Eye around you to promote the courage to embrace new beginnings.