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Protection ✧ Grounding ✧ Clearing

Obsidian is a root chakra stone that can help to ground and protect the user.

Obsidian is also very good at clearing negative energies within the user and the environment surrounding them.

Usually black in colour, Obsidian is actually volcanic glass that is squeezed out as the lava cools. Coming violently from the Earth, it is believed this stone is very powerful in bringing hidden emotions to the surface. This makes Obsidian an excellent energetic clearer, cleaning up the auric field as well as blockages within your energetic flow.
Origin: All over the world.
Energy: Amplifies.
Colours: Black, black with white
Chakras: Root

Works with: Clear Quartz, Selenite.
Helps with: Grounding, clearing energetic blocks, releasing anger, cleansing aura, protection against negativity.
Usage tip: Keep Obsidian by your bed to help release blockages from past experiences. Meditate with Obsidian to gain greater insight into your true self.