Pink Opal Cube

Pink Opal Cube


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Pink Opal Cube

Soothing  ✧ Self-healing ✧ Love

Deeply connected to the Heart Chakra, this crystal helps us to look within and strengthen the bond we have with our inner selves. Love for others must come from within us, and this means loving ourselves first. In this way, Pink Opal helps to transform any feelings of subservience to others into those which allow us to trust ourselves, love our own individuality and strengthen our resolve to happiness and joy without compromise. 

It is unsurprising to note how helpful this crystal can be in healing from emotional trauma, loss and even in long distance relationships. 

Pink Opal helps us gain the courage and strength to love and be our true selves in every relationship.

Origin: Peru, USA, Australia and some South American countries.
Energy: Activates.
Colours: Pink.
Works with: Green Calcite, Rose Quartz and Garnet.
Helps with: Love and relationships, trauma, stress relief, patience, wisdom, self-exploration, spiritual awakening, sleep, selflessness, self-healing, individuality, strength, courage, inner peace, healing emotions.
Usage tip: Do not expose Pink Opal to sunlight: this will cause the stone to become dry and brittle, and potentially break. Place a piece of Pink Opal in your child’s bedroom or pocket to help calm fears, dispel anxiety or increase their confidence. Use Pink Opal in meditations to aid in a strong connection to and clearing of your Heart Chakra.


W 5cm H 5cm D 5cm