Our stunning 925 silver pendant collection is handmade in Indonesia by a local small family which we are very proud to support. All details are carefully thought and made with only high quality crystals 


Energising ✧ Altruism ✧ Compassion

A loving stone, Rhodochrosite is perfect for those looking to heal their emotional selves. A true self care stone, it reminds you to take time for you and your wellbeing.

Energising and beautifully uplifting, Rhodochrosite makes an excellent anti-depressant, encouraging you to release suffering, pain, grief and even PTSD from your body. In the place of this trauma, calm and soothing energies will flood your aura with love, peace and tranquillity.

Rhodochrosite is a high energy stone revealing the possibility of new beginnings and opportunities right around the corner: all you need do is take time for self-love and care to move into this new and positive life. Love and abundance are waiting for you! 

Rhodochrosite can also be used to increase the libido and enhance the sex drive. Known as a general balancer, including balancing male and female energy, this is a useful stone in helping to release our inhibitions and embrace all aspects of life

Origin: Argentina, Colorado Peru and South Africa.

Colours: Pink, red, white and orange.

Chakra: Heart and Solar Plexus.

Helps with: Inner peace, strength, soothing, love, relationships, overcoming trauma, stress relief, compassion, selflessness, calm, patience, growth, generosity.   

Usage tip: Keep Rhodochrosite around your home to promote happiness and transformation. Place Rhodochrosite around your bed to enhance your sex life. Meditate with Rhodochrosite to bring calm and comfort into your heart after times of trauma and upheava.



Endurance ✧ Creativity ✧ Strength

A fiery stone that acts with great speed, Garnet has been used for millennia to protect, invigorate and enhance creative powers.

In its first uses during the Bronze Age, this beautiful red crystal was used as a talisman to ensure the completion of essential daily tasks like gathering food and creating tools.

It’s effects on creativity and endurance in our physical world ever since is incredible! 

Garnets are also very grounding stones and are excellent for enhancing your ability to manifest your dreams and goals, and the endurance to bring those dreams to fruition. Wearing Garnet also produces a red shield charged with positive vibrations, strengthening the aura and repelling negative energies. Lastly, vibrations of devotion and commitment within this crystal make it an excellent stone for love and relationships.

Origin: Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Brazil, Austria, and India.

Energy: Amplify.

Colours: Red, blood red. 

Chakra: Heart and Root.


Works with: Rose Quartz.

Helps with: Strength, verve, vigour, grounding, protection, manifestation, relationships, creativity.   

Usage tip: Wearing garnet boosts your vitality and attractiveness.Carry Garnet in your wallet or purse to attract abundance.