Balance ✧ Energise ✧ Purify

Apatite is the ultimate stone to help you find a place of balance and tranquillity. Recentering into the essence of you by discarding energetic blocks, harmful habits and all those negative thought patterns we pick up unconsciously is an important part of any healing process; this crystal will help you achieve that. 

Associated with spiritual wisdom and truth, Apatite comes in many different colours, each with its own unique qualities and healing properties.

Closely associated with the higher realms, this stone will help download ideas from your higher self and stimulate the intellect.

It allows for deeper exploration and reflection into one’s self. Meditating with Apatite will increase your insight and inner clarity, buffering the pressures and energies from the outside world so you can find balance, peace and quiet strength. Apatite is also said to be good for suppressing the appetite, a helpful tool for anyone seeking a healthier weight.

Origin: Brazil, Burma, Mexico, Norway, Russia, United States.
Energy: Amplifies.
Colours: Pink- heart or root. Yellow- solar plexus. Aqua- heart. Blue- throat. Violet- third eye. Clear- crown.


Works with: Clear Quartz 
Helps with: Communication, written communication, education, learning, expressing truth, harmony, improving performance, wisdom, intellect, truth, psychic development, energy boost.    
Usage tip: Lapis Lazuli makes beautiful jewellery, and will help any performer or speaker particularly when worn as a necklace. Carry Lapis Lazuli with you to enhance your natural abilities. Place Lapis Lazuli around your home and office to promote clear thought and organisation.