Calming ✧ Inspiration ✧ Peace

Aquamarine is a manifestation stone and helps to clear the channel between heart and throat chakras.

Its beautiful azure blue colour is calming, cooling those hot emotions and allowing the inner being to glow. Aquamarine is especially useful for those with anxiety or phobias. It also offers safety to travellers.

Aquamarine supports all aspects of the intellect, as well as the enhancement of ideas, and clarity of the mind and the ability to communicate these.

It is also a helpful stone to promote resolution and harmony in disagreements or arguments.

Origin: Brazil, Mexico, Russia, USA.
Energy: Amplifies.
Colours: Blue, green-blue.


Works with: Amethyst, clear quartz, turquoise.
Helps with: Clearing, easing anxiety and phobias, assisting with manifestation, balancing chakras, promoting courage, wisdom, protection of self-expression and the discovery of spiritual truth.
Usage tip: Aquamarine will help in meditation, especially when speaking your affirmations. Hold Aquamarine in your receiving hand for clarity and help with manifestation.