Nurturing ✧ Grounding ✧ Joy

Coming in a variety of opaque colours, each associated with its corresponding chakra and powers, Jasper is a manifestation and grounding stone used to absorb and balance energies.

Its nurturing properties exude incredible warmth and pleasure, promoting abundant joy within the user and those around them. This is a wonderful crystal to have in your collection.

Using Jasper leads to awareness of the self and others as well as providing love and support for physical manifestation. It also stabilizes and cleanses the aura and aligns the chakras.  

Jasper is a powerful ally in bringing balance to the physical, emotional and mental bodies. It can also help with astral travel.

Origin: All over the world.
Energy: Absorbs.
Colours: Black, blue, brown, green, red, orange, yellow.


Works with: All other coloured Jaspers, Black Tourmaline.
Helps with: Manifestation, balancing energies, stability, grounding, joy, balance.
Usage tip: Wear Jasper to improve mental processes and promotes better thinking. Place a piece of Jasper at your work station to prevent burnout. If you’re feeling lonely, place Jasper next to your bed at night for comfort.