Acceptance ✧ Love ✧ Soothing

There are few stones as soothing as Ocean Jasper, which helps to gently pave the way to love, both of others and ourselves. 

Extremely rare and beautiful, this stone has only one known origin, along the north-eastern coast of Madagascar from the base of a cliff only accessible by boat during low tide. Ocean Jasper activates and aligns our solar plexus, heart and throat chakras, giving the ability to combine our will with our emotions to achieve joy, happiness and emotional alignment. In use, this stone helps us to reveal our true feelings, accept responsibility of our actions, thoughts and emotions and increases our patience in dealing with them. 

Ocean Jasper helps to release any blocks or constraints on the heart, encouraging you to physically speak your truth and move forward from those emotional issues.

This stone will help you heal your emotions, relationships, and most importantly, your inner self.  Ocean Jasper fosters a sense of love of self, encouraging you to become more positive and comfortable with expressing the true essence of yourself. This stone will also help with digestive issues, detoxification and easing body odour. 

Origin: Madagascar.
Energy: Amplifies.
Colours: Patterns of green, brown, blue, yellow, grey, white, pink or red.


Helps with: Acceptance, love, confidence, communication, emotional healing, clarity, cleansing, courage, motivation, personal will, new beginnings, inner peace, transformation, growth, soothing, nurturing, enlightenment.
Usage tip: Wear Ocean Jasper in jewellery to aid in positive and joyful social interactions. Deep dive into emotional healing during meditation by placing Ocean Jasper on that chakra which is most out of alignment