Vitality ✧ Action ✧ Creativity

A true ancient Earth stone exhibiting the fire element, Polychrome or Desert Jasper is an intriguing and powerful crystal which will help create a path to your desires and blow oxygen and life into your passions.

The energy of heat, action and emotion helps to ignite your ideas and concepts, facilitating and activating your inner balance. Polychrome Jasper will feed that heat, passion and life giving energy force within you, revitalising your purpose and inner being.

This stone will help create safe, secure and happy energy within you, has great healing properties and is a powerful tool in manifestation.

Origin: Madagascar.
Colours: Red, brown.


Helps with: Energising and rejuvenating, manifesting desires, calming, security, attracting love, actioning dreams and goals, protection.
Usage tip: Feeling a little blah? Hold a sphere of Polychrome Jasper in your hand and feel its energy enliven your spirit. Attract love and emit a sense of vibrancy by carrying Polychrome Jasper with you at all times.