Truth ✧ Intuition ✧ Growth

Need an intellectual energy enhancer? This is your crystal. Sodalite is wonderful for helping with insight and unlocking your intuition, whilst enhancing your mental and emotional states.

Dive deep into your subconscious with Sodalite for an authentic evaluation of your self, your strengths, weaknesses and true desires. It balances intellect with intuition, allowing you to see things clearly.

Called the logic stone, Sodalite has a high vibration frequency and helps to heal the inner self, whilst maintaining a calm and reflective state.

This means it is perfect for anyone mastering their creativity, boosting mental performance and enhancing intuition and insight. For those seeking intellectual clarity or needing to focus on difficult concepts, Sodalite can help with concentration. 

Origin: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Russia
Energy: Amplifies
Colours: Blue with white
Chakras: Third Eye and Throat
Works with: Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Rose Quartz
Helps with: Truth seeking, intuition, insight, balance, creativity, efficiency, confidence, communication, psychic abilities, spiritual guidance, concentration and focus.
Usage tip: Give Sodalite to those needing a self-esteem or confidence boost. Place Sodalite in your office to boost clarity, efficiency and creativity. Meditate with Sodalite when you are confused and need clarity on a particular issue.