Inner Strength✧ Protection ✧ Clarity

From the Jasper family, Yellow Jasper is another powerful healer. This stone is especially useful for those needing a boost to their inner strength, mental clarity and social confidence.

It protects from gossip, jealousy and spite, motivates you to have higher energy and enthusiasm for life, and inspires focus to get the work done. The slow stable energy of Yellow Jasper also makes it a wonderful aid for those needing to seek clarity on their relationships and direction in both life and work. Promoting inner strength, this stone helps support your determination to overcome life’s frustrations. Long term use will build your self-confidence and positivity, which in turn will attract those with a similarly positive energy to you. 

Thus, Yellow Jasper is good for building friendships and is an excellent crystal for encouraging achievement at work.  

In the body, Yellow Jasper helps purify the body of toxins and impurities, especially in the digestive areas, reduces feelings of nausea and works to develop your immune system. 

Origin: Brazil, India, Madagascar, South Africa, Russia, India, Venezuela, Australia, Uruguay and US.
Colours: Mustard and sandy yellow.


Helps with: Clarity, positivity, courage, confidence, inner strength, protection against negativity, purifies, protection, determination, focus, motivation, enthusiasm.
Usage tip: Wear Yellow Jasper to help ease self-consciousness in social settings, such as meeting new people or groups. Yellow Jasper is useful when fasting, lending emotional support and confidence in your self-discipline, whilst giving your energy levels a positive boost. Ideal for grounding yourself at the beginning of deep meditations, place Yellow Jasper in front of you for an easier transition to a meditative state.