Shiny Storm

About us

‘Facing the darkness of the night, Mother Earth decided to grow crystals, so they would bring endless shine to the universe’

The beginnings of Shiny Storm can be found 30 years ago in South America. As a little girl growing up in a magical place in the south of Brazil, Shiny Storm’s co-founder Ana Paula spent her childhood surrounded by crystals which would, quite simply, find her. Popping out of the ground on the family farm, she was amazed with their shine and gathered them one by one, slowly creating her own collection of naturally beautiful stones. Even though she used them as simple toys or for decoration, Ana Paula inadvertently spent her childhood experiencing the hidden power of these crystals, all the while oblivious to the powerful functions of each one.

As an adult, Ana Paula discovered an innate willingness and ability to help others: she wanted to see people smile!

With that in mind, she completed a Bachelor Degree and two Masters in Psychology, is a Reiki Grand Master and has certificates in Intuitive Medicine and Crystal Healing. Helping one patient at a time to heal, as well as being a source of advice and comfort to family and friends brought her great joy, with Ana Paula a celebrated, professional and trusted psychologist in her own right.

Psychology had helped to answer some of her questions in her constant search for wellbeing, as well as helping countless clients move beyond their own feelings of self-doubt and negativity. But to truly balance life with self-knowledge and love for herself and her clients, Ana Paula knew there was more to uncover. The missing piece, however, was with her all along and was unveiled when the universe suddenly conspired to reveal the true energy and power of the crystals she had always been drawn to.

Living in Australia, Ana Paula noticed that crystals began to show up in her life just as she needed them, guiding her toward self-love and support, especially during particularly challenging times of emotional stress, such as financial instability, her health and even finding her feet in a new country. Once again, as in childhood, she turned to crystals to give her comfort and courage, realizing that here was the answer not just for her own questions, but for those of others as well.

Starting with a very small selection, Ana Paula began offering crystals at her local market on the Sunshine Coast. She desperately wanted to help others on their own journey to better health by offering affordable crystals and well-informed advice. Ana Paula’s enthusiasm, knowledge and caring nature quickly attracted a large following and she found people were open to the healing crystals could provide. In that moment, she realized she had the power to bring nourishing natural energy to hundreds of people- not just one at a time- and in an accessible and reasonably priced way. In November 2017, Shiny Storm, was born and Ana Paula realized her true purpose:

To create an easy and open connection between
those seeking greater health and happiness and her powerful, healing crystals.

Her need to share those magical and energetic stones compelled her to gather a larger range of carefully chosen amethysts, clear quartz, tourmalines and citrines, making them available and affordable at a local market on the Australian Sunshine Coast and now, online. Her belief in the healing properties of these stones is matched only by her passion to help connect people with their perfect crystal.

Shiny Storm market stall display - 2017

Sunrise at Mount Coolum - Sunshine Coast

Ana Paula has a truly nurturing soul, and is inspired to spread natural beauty and energy to everyone. She is deeply passionate about crystals because she understands and has seen first-hand the benefits they impart into people's lives, aspiring to connect people to a channel of pure light and self-love so that they too can feel happiness and joy.

Ana Paula knows this without doubt because she has felt the joy and healing crystals can bring, and she knows they will bring it to you too.

Whilst her family home in Brazil will always hold a special place in her heart, Ana Paula is now a fierce advocate of the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Australia, and loves basking in the natural spaces of this wonderful paradise. She counts Mt Coolum as one of her favourite places for its magical energy and high vibration.

“Let the light shine!”