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Crystal care

Why do I need to care
for my crystals?

Some crystals will heal and soothe our emotions, while others will open us to the divine, connecting us to universal energies. They are incredible, cooperative and loving minerals, but they are not something to be exploited or ‘put to’ work. Rather their power should be nurtured, allowing them to become co-creators in your wellbeing journey to health and joy. Remember to trust your intuition when you are using your crystals. So often when I am speaking with my clients, they are uncertain, almost fearful of how to use their crystals: they don’t have the confidence to trust their instincts and really connect with their inner being. This is where we find the most joy, and crystals can help us get there.

Throughout my childhood, the earth would quite literally offer up its precious stones to me. I loved each and every one deeply and differently, but I had no idea that in return for the clarity, love or safety I was receiving from them, that I would need to care for my crystals as well. Through cleaning and honouring your crystals, you are recognising the vast journey it has undergone to get to you in this moment. This involves clearing or cleaning them.

✧ Cleansing your crystals is an act of love, and when you love your crystals, you are loving yourself ✧

All of us at Shiny Storm know from experience how important it is to look after our crystals. Each crystal holds a power and energetic makeup of its very own. Just like our own physical body, if we don’t nourish and care for ourselves properly, we lose touch with our inner happiness, can become anxious, tired and even physically sick. In a similar manner, crystals also need certain nourishment and cleansing to allow their energy to flourish. Once you begin to do this for your crystals, they will turn their healing power to you; when we care for our crystals, we are engaging in our own self-care.

By looking after your crystals, you create a connection between the mineral and the human,

a relationship of pure energy, joy and love which allows blocked, unhelpful and unhealthy emotions to release. Through cleansing and clearing your crystals, you experience a therapeutic moment, where feelings which don’t serve you anymore can be cleared from your body and your mind. This is the magic of crystals! They create a channel and space for you to connect to your own wellbeing, to trust in your inner being, helping to increase your health and happiness. Caring for your crystals simply magnifies the efficacy of this channel. 

Crystals have an important function in maintaining
our spiritual, physical and emotional health.

Each one may be set with specific intentions or used for a variety of purposes as a means of healing and maintaining wellbeing. In this manner, crystals transform the necessary energy and vibrations to carry out our intentions and clear blocked emotions. Afterwards however, it is time to cleanse your crystals of the negative energy they have just absorbed. This is an essential responsibility in the care and usage of your healing crystals.
Crystal care is actually quite simple and easy and when done on a regular basis. It allows for a deeper connection with your crystals to develop which in turn, opens up a greater range of healing benefits. 

What is Crystal Clearing?

When I begin using a Crystal,
I always set a particular intention.

For me, it might be to create a greater sense of awareness or perhaps to raise positive energy within my home. Setting an intention helps the crystal to direct its energy to the place you need it most. Trust yourself in this: only you know what you truly need to heal. Once you have used the crystal though, it is time to clear or clean them.

Clearing crystals is the act of intentionally removing any negative energy that may have gathered in that crystal from previous use.

Once the unwanted energy is removed, absorbed or altered, the crystal may be used again for a different intention or healing process. Clearing a crystal also ensures that the collected and absorbed energy does not unintentionally affect the user. This maintains the ability of each stone to heal or serve the intentions you set each time effectively, without interference from previous uses.
Put simply, clearing crystals neutralises the energetic overload they have experienced by creating a fresh start for any future intentions and healing.

How to Clear Crystals

There are many different methods you can use to clear your crystals, depending on which feels right for you and which is best for your crystal. Some methods will appeal to you more than others: follow this attraction, as it is your intuition (and your crystal!) guiding you to the right one. 

Below is a list of methods commonly used to clear crystals:

How to Physically Clean Crystals

Handling, burying or leaving crystals in our bags and other regular uses can cause some residual build up on them. If your crystals are hard (like quartz):

1. Soak them in warm water with a little soap to loosen any dirt or grime.
2. Using a soft toothbrush, remove any persistent debris.
3. Soak the stones some more before rinsing.
4. Polish with a soft cloth.

To clean soft crystals, such as amber and selenite:

1. Use a soft cloth (like microfiber) to polish and clean crystals.
2. A clean makeup brush is also effective.

When to Clear Crystals

When you receive your crystals from Shiny Storm, it is important to clear them so that you have welcomed them and they feel embraced into both your physical and energetic space. This crystal has travelled a long way to reach you: show it love and honour its arrival through some beautiful clearing and cleansing methods.

Once the crystals have been cleared upon arrival, there is no specific guide to when you should clear them again: rather, follow your intuition for what feels most effective. You will know, trust yourself!

A crystal will absorb energy as it works with you to heal, set intentions and clear energy. Each has its own purpose and like us, needs a rest and a recharge from time to time. You may notice your crystal feeling particularly weighty, dull in colour or you may receive a message that it needs love and cherishing.
If you are attempting to address any kind of significant difficulties like a fight, illness or trauma, for instance, your crystals will serve you best if they are cleared before being used.

Over time, you will develop a loving relationship with your crystals. Listen to them, they will guide you best on how to harness their power.

⇾ Kryptonite and your Crystals

Whilst crystals are amazing healing minerals, just like Superman and kryptonite, each can be damaged if exposed to certain environments or other base elements.

Some cannot be left in water: they’ll dissolve into sand!

Others will crack if left in direct sunlight. Each crystal has its own needs and ‘feels’ better in certain environments, just like us! Caring for your stones and understanding which crystals can be exposed to which elements, will not only improve the efficacy of the healing energy within your stone, it will ensure they last longer within your home.

⇾ Damaged by water

Not all crystals like water, and will be damaged by water. This may result in small cracks, while others may dissolve completely. Keep the following away from water and they will last a lot longer in your care.

Kyanite / Angelite / Selenite / Desert Rose / Calcite / Celestite / Scolecite / Vanadinite / Barite / Azurite / Aragonite / Hemimorphite / Dolomite / any other stones that appear brittle or porous. 

⇾ Damaged by Sunlight

Not all crystals like sunlight, and can be damaged in different ways. Overexposure to sunlight can result in cracks because of the exposure to heat for extended periods, others will be bleached by the sunlight and lose their beautiful colour. The following are best cleared using different methods to sunlight cleansing, and being kept away from windows.

Rose Quartz / Australian Opal / Amethyst / Citrine / Super 7 / Ametrine / Smoky quartz / Turquoise / Morganite /Kunzite

Damaged by Handling

Some crystals are fragile or considered to be ‘soft’ stones and should be handled very carefully. These might be easily scratched, can crack or shatter if dropped and might be better off kept in their own separate box or bag to keep it safe from knocks. The following crystals simply need a little extra care.

Opal / Druzy crystals / The tips of crystal points / Selenite / Celestite / Fluorite / Turquoise / Aragonite flowers / Azurite / Mineral Clusters with points / Kyanite / Hemimorphite / Amber

⇾ Crystals which may be harmful with direct use

Some crystals should never be used when making crystal elixirs, massage oils or anything else you are consuming. Some are completely toxic or become toxic over time and others may be harmful to those with already existing illnesses, such as metal poisoning. Don’t be afraid or nervous to get in contact with me or anyone at Shiny Storm on this: 

we are experts in deciphering which crystals will best help you on your journey to health, self-love and happiness.

However, as a general rule, it is always best to use crystals indirectly, do not ingest your crystals.

*We will be writing more about toxic crystals and their safe uses soon*

⇾ Clearing vs charging

Charging and clearing crystals are technically the same ideas and concepts, though there are some subtle differences worth exploring. When you decide to charge a crystal, your intent is not just to cleanse it of absorbed or negative energy, but to recharge or amplify the existing energy of the crystal. In doing so, the crystals are purified, energized and ready to be programmed. This occurs when you are clearing crystals in general.

Ultimately, the action of cleansing crystals also charges them, particularly when healing stones are placed in the sunlight, moonlight or on top of other crystals.