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✧ Each crystal holds a power and energetic makeup
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Browse our crystals below and their meanings to find the perfect one for you.

Rainbow Fluorite

Balance ✧ Clarity ✧ Multicoloured

Enhancing positivity, mental clarity and thinking and increasing emotional brightness are this stone’s superpowers! Considered the most versatile of the Fluorite range because of its many colours, this stone is a fantastic addition to any collection.


Energising ✧ Altruism ✧ Compassion

A loving stone, Rhodochrosite is perfect for those looking to heal their emotional selves. A true self care stone, it reminds you to take time for you and your wellbeing. 


Self-love ✧ Kindness ✧ Healing

A truly nurturing crystal, this stone paves the way to self-love, rejuvenation and happiness.

Rose Calcite

Calmness ✧ Self-love ✧ Stress relief

A true stone of love, the gorgeous pink colour of Rose Calcite tells of compassion, self-worth and joy. This stone will assist those needing to nurture themselves, their heart and mind.

Rose Quartz

Love ✧ Calm ✧ Healing

This gorgeous stone opens the channels to unconditional love, kindness and compassion: everyone wants more love in their lives!

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Rutilated quartz

Energising ✧ Abundance ✧ Joy

This high vibrational stone is used primarily to improve our happiness and excitement at the joy life can bring. 

Ruby Zoisite

Insight ✧ Balance ✧ Strength

Also known as Anyolite, this beautiful crystal will help stimulate your passion for spirituality and enhance your past-life work. 


Calming ✧ Detoxify ✧ Self-belief

This ancient stone is capable of balancing our entire chakra system through its gentle, calming and grounding energy.


Cleansing ✧ Clearing ✧ Meditation

Because this is a very soft crystal, Selenite is often carved into beautiful shapes.


Purify ✧ Healing ✧ Protection

This is an extraordinary purifying stone and one whose dull hues when unpolished contradict its incredible powers.

Smoky Quartz

Grounding ✧ Strength ✧ Transformation

With the power to convert negative energy into positivity and with a strong capacity for grounding, Smoky Quartz is an amazingly helpful crystal.


Truth ✧ Intuition ✧ Growth

Need an intellectual energy enhancer? This is your crystal. Sodalite is wonderful for helping with insight and unlocking your intuition, whilst enhancing your mental and emotional states.

Strawberry Quartz

Love ✧ Connection ✧ Soothing

Rare and beautiful, this is an excellent amulet to wear when looking to bring more love into your life!


Creativity ✧ Abundance ✧ Positivity

You can almost see the positive energy emanating from Sunstone, a crystal whose bright orange and red tones reflect the life-giving sustenance of the sun.

Tigers Eye

Confidence ✧ Clarity ✧ Self

With glistening yellow and brown colours resembling its namesake, Tiger’s Eye can also be blue and red in colour.

Tourmalinated Quartz

Clarity ✧ Calming ✧ Protection

Bringing together the properties of both Quartz and Tourmaline, this is an exceptional grounding and protection stone.


Voice ✧ Truth ✧ Peace

A truth-seeking crystal aiding communication, this beautiful blue turquoise stone is an excellent companion for anyone who is shy or struggles to find their physical, intellectual or emotional voice.


Energy ✧ Protection ✧ Self-Healing

Known for being gentle yet powerful, Unakite helps to balance feelings of pain, emotional heaviness and unease with more positive and calming energies.


Focus ✧ Motivation ✧ Action

Enhance your productivity, focus and determination to see a project through to completion with Vanadinite.

White Agate

Positivity ✧ Protection ✧ Balance

Release negative energy and balance your emotions with this gentle white banded stone. 

Yellow Calcite

Action ✧ Manifestation ✧ Personal will

Also known as Golden or Honey Calcite, this beautiful stone radiates the nurturing energies of Mother Earth, but with a glowing ‘oomph’ of action. 

Yellow Jasper

Inner Strength✧ Protection ✧ Clarity

From the Jasper family, Yellow Jasper is another powerful healer. This stone is especially useful for those needing a boost to their inner strength, mental clarity and social confidence.