Crystals from A to J

✧ Each crystal holds a power and energetic makeup
of its very own ✧

Browse our crystals below and their meanings to find the perfect one for you.


Balance ✧ Protection ✧ Soothing

Agate comes in all the colours of the rainbow and can be an effective healing and meditation stone.


Communication ✧ Truth ✧ Peace

A variety of feldspar, Amazonite is known as the Stone of Truth and the Stone of Courage.


Calm ✧ Intuition ✧ Strength

Amethyst comes from the quartz family and can range in colour from pale to deep purple.

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Spiritual Awakening ✧ Calmness ✧ Intuition

Only recently discovered, Apophyllite is a powerful attractor stone useful for anyone regardless of the intentions they may have for their crystal collection.


Calming ✧ Inspiration ✧ Peace

Aquamarine is a manifestation stone and helps to clear the channel between heart and throat chakras.


Positivity ✧ Decisiveness ✧ Freedom

Formed from quartz with inclusions of others minerals, Aventurine can be almost any colour, though green is most common.

Black Tourmaline

Protection ✧ Regeneration ✧ Courage

Black Tourmaline is an incredibly helpful crystal and one I use frequently to absorb any negativity surrounding me.


Cleansing ✧ Healing ✧ Manifestation

Calcite comes in all colours of the rainbow, with each holding specific properties aligned with each corresponding chakra.

Caribbean Blue Calcite

Serenity ✧ Intuition ✧ Self-Discovery

This stone represents one of the newest discoveries in the crystal kingdom, and whilst our knowledge of the Caribbean Blue Calcite is limited, its power when used with the third eye and crown chakra is obvious.

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Strength ✧ Self-Awareness ✧ Energy

This crystal brings beautiful power into your life, giving strength to your weaknesses and improvement to your general wellbeing:


Tranquility ✧ Balance ✧ Expression

This is a beautiful all-round crystal, perfect for encouraging and maintaining a peaceful energetic balance within your home.


Communication ✧ Calm ✧ Clarity

The rare and exceptionally beautiful Chrysocolla is a stone which has been used for thousands of years and was considered sacred by the Ancient Egyptians and Native Americans.


Creativity ✧ Abundance ✧ Joy

Citrine is both beautiful and powerful, channelling creativity and clarifying thought and emotion.

Clear Quartz

Harmony ✧ Power ✧ Healing

This is often the first crystal people purchase when starting out on their healing and wellbeing journey due to the versatile nature of this stone.

Desert Rose

Cleansing ✧ Charging ✧ Balancing

This beautiful and fragile crystal which can be used to anchor the user in a grounded space, helping them to gain balance and alignment with their true self.

Fire Quartz

Transformation ✧ Vitality ✧ Protection

A powerful healing crystal for both the physical and emotional body, Fire Quartz is an excellent stone to assist with strength and finding new opportunities.

Flower Agate

Nurture ✧ Release ✧ Motivate

The beautiful pink and white colours along with blooms of flower like patterns make Flower Agate a stunning addition to any crystal collection.


Clarity ✧ Empowerment ✧ Harmony

Known for its assistance with the mind for clarity and mental enrichment, part of the versatility of Fluorite can be seen in its wide range of colours, from light green to the deepest of purples.


Compassion ✧ Clarity ✧ Healing

This protective stone is a beautiful addition to your crystal collection, being a sparkling green stone embedded with mica and sometimes, ruby.


Endurance ✧ Creativity ✧ Strength

A fiery stone that acts with great speed, Garnet has been used for millennia to protect, invigorate and enhance creative powers.

Green Fluorite

Clarity ✧ Clearing ✧ Positivity

This calcium crystal focuses on the heart chakra as a basis of facilitating clear energy flow through all the chakras.  As such, it strengthens the heart and mind connection, bringing that sought after balance between emotion and thought.


Cleansing ✧ Wellbeing ✧ Beauty

Halite is a powerful stone with a number of specific uses, namely in removing negativity and encouraging wellbeing.


Grounding, ✧ Strength ✧ Protection

This is the most powerful grounding stone available to us, something humans have known intuitively since the dawn of our time.


Purity ✧ Divine ✧ Calm

Howlite is best used in linking to the divine, divine inspiration and healing.


Nurturing ✧ Grounding ✧ Joy

Coming in a variety of opaque colours, each associated with its corresponding chakra and powers, Jasper is a manifestation and grounding stone used to absorb and balance energies.