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✧ Each crystal holds a power and energetic makeup
of its very own ✧

Browse our crystals below and their meanings to find the perfect one for you.

Fire Quartz

Transformation ✧ Vitality ✧ Protection

A powerful healing crystal for both the physical and emotional body, Fire Quartz is an excellent stone to assist with strength and finding new opportunities.

Flower Agate

Nurture ✧ Release ✧ Motivate

The beautiful pink and white colours along with blooms of flower like patterns make Flower Agate a stunning addition to any crystal collection.


Clarity ✧ Empowerment ✧ Harmony

Known for its assistance with the mind for clarity and mental enrichment, part of the versatility of Fluorite can be seen in its wide range of colours, from light green to the deepest of purples.


Compassion ✧ Clarity ✧ Healing

This protective stone is a beautiful addition to your crystal collection, being a sparkling green stone embedded with mica and sometimes, ruby.


Endurance ✧ Creativity ✧ Strength

A fiery stone that acts with great speed, Garnet has been used for millennia to protect, invigorate and enhance creative powers.

Golden Quartz

Peace ✧ Harmony ✧ Positivity 

Away with the fairies? Stuck in negativity? Golden Quartz will help root your thoughts to the physical world in a way that dispels negative energy, enhances joy and increases your focus.

Golden Subsidian

Protection ✧ Higher-self ✧ Clarity 

Golden Obsidian is a powerful stone which protects its users against negativity, and helps to reclaim the self from anxiety and depression. 

Grape Agate 

Intuition ✧ Higher realms ✧ Calming

This extremely rare and valuable stone is suited to those looking to expand or are already well established in their spiritual and emotional healing journey. 

Green Fluorite

Clarity ✧ Clearing ✧ Positivity

This calcium crystal focuses on the heart chakra as a basis of facilitating clear energy flow through all the chakras.  As such, it strengthens the heart and mind connection, bringing that sought after balance between emotion and thought.

Green Jade

Harmony ✧ Rejuvenating ✧ Healing

In the hierarchy of super stones, this is amongst the most regal.

Green Jasper

Cleansing ✧ Healing ✧ Balance

Balance is key to a healthy, harmonious life. In essence, this stone helps stabilise vibrations in the body that have become erratic and out of equilibrium, bringing balance to your emotions and all aspects of life. Use this stone to prevent burn out at work, have the courage to speak out, and trust your personal independence and self-worth. 


Cleansing ✧ Wellbeing ✧ Beauty

Halite is a powerful stone with a number of specific uses, namely in removing negativity and encouraging wellbeing.


Grounding ✧ Strength ✧ Protection

This is the most powerful grounding stone available to us, something humans have known intuitively since the dawn of our time.


Purity ✧ Divine ✧ Calm

Howlite is best used in linking to the divine, divine inspiration and healing.


Self-acceptance ✧ Higher communication ✧ Transformation

It soothes and promotes positivity and hope through its use in meditation. Iolite will help you decide which way to move forward from problems and trauma, restoring balance and happiness to your life. 


Nurturing ✧ Grounding ✧ Joy

Coming in a variety of opaque colours, each associated with its corresponding chakra and powers, Jasper is a manifestation and grounding stone used to absorb and balance energies.