‘Facing the darkness of the night, Mother Earth decided to grow crystals, so they would bring endless shine to the universe’

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The beginnings of Shiny Storm can be found 30 years ago in South America. As a little girl growing up in a magical place in the south of Brazil, Shiny Storm’s co-founder Ana Paula spent her childhood surrounded by crystals which would, quite simply, find her. Popping out of the ground on the family farm, she was amazed with their shine and gathered them one by one, slowly creating her own collection of naturally beautiful stones. Even though she used them as simple toys or for decoration, Ana Paula inadvertently spent her childhood experiencing the hidden power of these crystals, all the while oblivious to the powerful functions of each one.

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"Felipe was very helpful and patient. I bought 4 rare gorgeous pieces. Very impressed with the variety. Extremely good product knowledge and experience with benefits and uses of each crystal. Great value and highly recommended. Very excited to see an online range too. Keep up the great work Felipe & Ana."  • Nessa Bee

"Ana was so beautiful and kind. Her crystals are absolutely beautiful and so well priced. I am so excited to have found Ana and can’t wait to visit again soon! Ana was also so kind and loving to my children who had a great time looking at the crystals and playing with the adorable Maia the pup! Thank you Ana!"  • Allie Maden

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on our website, or in person at our market stalls or store. We don’t believe in inflating prices or peddling false hope! Visit us at the following locations:

Noosa Junction Store - 8:30am to 3pm
Open every day :)

Eumundi Market
- 8am to 2pm

Caloundra Twilight
- 5pm to 9pm

Eumundi Market - 7am to 2pm

Cotton Tree Market - 7am to 12pm
Caloundra Fair Street Market - 8am-1pm

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