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We know finding the perfect crystal to help and heal you best is difficult to do online. Crystals are unique gifts from Mother Earth. She offers every one as a perfectly formed piece. Each has already been given its path, calling to you just when you need it most. However, feeling and acting upon this energetic call is very difficult to do through a static website.

Online, the connection between you and your crystal is heavily diluted. Scrolling through a list on your phone to search for what you think you may need from a huge database of stones is frustrating and fruitless. This is why the Shiny Storm team are so excited to offer a world first in crystals: customised client appointments.

Through our booking system, you can engage in a customised online appointment with Felipe, Ana or one of our amazing Shiny Storm team experts. This is not a ‘message chat’ but a live consultation. We know some of our beautiful clients prefer more privacy: you can choose how you engage in our consultation. From face-to-face video, voice only or messages, we will be there to guide you, we will display and talk you through our entire range of products via video chat. Which means, much more variety than our online shop.

Instead of scrolling through endless photos of crystals, we will take the time beforehand to curate a selection from our stock depending on your budget and requirements. Not sure what you need? No problem! We will help you find your crystal during our live consultation. During the live consultation, we show each crystal to you, discuss their benefits and help you decide which calls to you most.

Shiny Storm believe in creating real-life connections and stimulating healing within all our clients: you deserve a life of love and joy! Offering personalised consultations online is simply another method to reach all our clients, not just those here on the Sunshine Coast.

Make an appointment to connect with your crystal today.

Please, read our FAQs for more information


1. Book your personalised consultation via our calendar.

2. Fill in the form so we can curate a deeply personalised selection of crystals to suit your budget.

3. Attend your online appointment, view the crystals and chat with one of the Shiny Storm team members.

4. Choose the crystal which calls to you.

5. Wait for your crystal to makes its final journey home to you.

Make an appointment to connect with your crystal today.

 How does it work?

Once you have filled in your pre-consultation form and booked your consultation, we will weave our Shiny Storm magic. We will select the best crystals for your perusal based on your budget and needs, and present them to you in our live consultation. One of our experts will then talk you through each crystal, and help you choose those which call to you.

Alternatively, you might want us to follow our intuition in choosing the crystals for your consultation, or a ‘free-style’ live where we present the range of crystals on site which fit within your pre-determined budget. We can guide you as much or as little as you like!

What to expect from this consultation?

We will present a minimum of crystals for your perusal, talking you through the properties of each piece. We will curate these crystals based on your healing needs, budget requirements and vibrational match.

What to expect from our team members?

The Shiny Storm team are loving, empathetic and generous crystal experts. You can expect the utmost professionalism and heartfelt conversation about what we know will help you most in your journey to love and light.

Can I choose where the live consultation takes place?

Yes! You can choose between our Noosa, Sunshine Plaza or Eumundi stores. You can also choose to hold the consultation in our warehouse.

Can I intuitively choose my crystal from what you have in the shop/warehouse?

Of course! Our private consultations can be tailored to your intuitive needs. Simply use the pre- consultation form to let us know your budget and that you wish to choose your crystal intuitively. You can then use the live consultation to choose via our team member.

What happens if I dont like the crystals offered?

Sometimes, we think we need a particular crystal, but there is another choosing us! As the consultations will take place in or very near our shops and warehouse, we have access to many more than those chosen by the Shiny Storm team. We are more than happy to help you in this process, even if it means walking through the shelves.

Why is there a booking fee?

Each customised appointment is deeply personalised and carefully curated. We put a lot of time into selecting those crystals within your budget which will give the best healing and inspiration before each consultation. Therefore, there is a small, length-dependent booking fee associated with each consultation. This fee is fully deductible from your crystal purchase.

Is the booking fee refundable with a crystal purchase?
Yes! The booking fee is fully refundable with a crystal purchase.

What happens to the booking fee if I dont make a purchase during the consultation?

We want you to love crystals as much as we do! From thoughtful consideration of your needs and budget, to a careful selection of crystals and of course our expert knowledge and guidance, we are committed to ensuring your crystal finds its way to you during the consultation.

If we are unable to assist you during the consultation, you can choose to gift the booking fee to the team member who worked hard to meet your needs, or receive a voucher to be used online or in store within six months.

How much is the booking fee?

The booking fee is dependent on the consultation length. You can choose your consultation length.

  • 15 minutes: $35
  • 30 minutes: $70
  • 45 minutes: $90
  • 60 minutes: $110

Why is the booking fee dependent on the length of the consultation?

Our Shiny Storm team members are experts, and their time is valuable. They are committed to spending the length of the consultation with you, sharing their deep knowledge and understanding to advise the best crystal for you.

What happens to the booking fee if I do not attend the consultation?

Unfortunately, your booking fee is forfeited to cover the costs of our work beforehand and time lost during.


This beautiful life is busy for everyone, and we understand that sometimes the universe pulls you in a direction you weren’t expecting.

Should you need to cancel your customised appointment, we kindly request notification 24 hours before your scheduled appointment. We will reschedule your appointment or fully refund the booking fee.
Should you cancel less than 24 hours prior to your appointment, we can reschedule your appointment (the booking fee is not refundable).

In the case of a no-show, the fee is not refundable.

Our Shiny Storm experts put a lot of care, energy and time into this service of curating the best crystals for you prior to and during the length of your appointment. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Make an appointment to connect with your crystal today.