Crystals Aquarians and Dissolving Emotional Blocks

Crystals Aquarians and Dissolving Emotional Blocks

Crystals Aquarians and Dissolving Emotional Blocks

Intelligent, brilliant, a touch eccentric, philanthropic and friendly, Aquarians are the unapologetic movers, thinks and shakers of the astrological world. Not afraid to disagree to the point of bloody-mindedness, those born under this Air sign couldn’t give a hoot about fitting in because let’s face it: they know best! Their openness and alternate way of seeing the world is refreshing and endearing, and they care deeply about making the world a better place. These are people with big dreams and even bigger intellects. But be warned: if you get in the way of what they’re trying to achieve, you will be unceremoniously steamrolled out of the way. This is where the Aquarius falters. 

Despite their philanthropic view of the world, Aquarians have a tendency to lean toward their objective, intellectual side. Are they aloof and cold, or just unbiased? Callous or impartial? Put simply, this logic-centered approach to life can make the Aquarian appear unemotional or disconnected from the feelings of others. They tell it how it is, and sometimes that means not telling you anything at all. Our Aquarian friends lock their emotions down tight, which when left unchecked, can cause deep energetic blocks. These reveal themselves in bursts of anger, cruelty and capriciousness. 

Help your Aquarius friend connect to their emotions with Shiny Storm Crystals. At the very least, you might help them clear some of that negative energy they’ve squirreled away.

Crystals for Aquarians.


The perfect healing stone for the aloof Aquarian, Rhodochrosite helps dissolve negative blocks and emotions, replacing them with joy, compassion and love. Excellent for helping with anxiety, depression and even PTSD, this stone works well with our Aquarian friends, who love to push those emotions into their hurt locker and throw away the key. We have a beautiful range of Rhodochrosite jewellery in store and online.


The Aquarian birthstone, Amethyst is a soothing stone known to boost one’s intuition and mental acuity. Working with the Third Eye Chakra, this will help your Aquarius friend become more attuned to their intuition in regards to work and troublesome projects. Also associated with the Crown Chakra, meditation with this stone will allow those with emotional blocks to more easily access their higher selves. Amethyst also helps ward off negativity. For our Aquarian friends whose brains rarely switch off, placing a piece of Amethyst under their pillow will help calm their overactive mind for a more restful night’s sleep.


Aquamarine’s beautiful blue colour cools the hot emotions of this argumentative Air sign, while enhancing their creativity and intellect. Linked to the Heart and Throat Chakras, this crystal helps to dissolve energy blocks especially in these highly emotional areas. Worn as jewellery, Aquamarine will gift the Aquarian with a calming, inspired energy all day long. These gold-plated pendants are the perfect any time gift for your Aquarius friend.


A powerful grounding stone, Hematite will not only help the Aquarius with mental clarity and all over energy balance, but will facilitate a deep dive into their emotions. Nurturing and protective, Hematite allows its user to let go of limitations, clarify the desires of and connect more meaningfully to the inner self. An excellent objective for our detached Aquarian!