Leo and Crystals for Self Awareness

Leo and Crystals for Self Awareness

Leo and Crystals for Self Awareness

If all the star signs of the zodiac gathered at the pool, only one would be found glamorously positioned on the best sun lounger, holding court. Yes, the Leo is the movie star of the zodiac: highly intelligent and hardworking, confident and courageous, generous and charming, sexy and glamourous. The Lion loves luxury and is happy to take centre stage whether that’s performing a funny skit or regally watching over the court they rule. Either way, the full light of the sun shines onto and from within the Leo. Fiercely protective, our Leo friends aren’t afraid to go into battle for their loved ones, just as long as their hair doesn’t get messed up in the fight! It’s not so much that the Lion is vain, but they do like to look good and if you’d like to hear them purr, some luxurious pampering will go a long way.

Yes, our Leo friends are magnetic, big hearted and natural leaders, but their desire for the limelight also means they have a tendency toward selfishness, burnout and dark moods. Relentless in their search for the perfect audience to adore their latest performance, the Lion needs a little help tempering this self-absorption and workload. They can develop more awareness for others and themselves through working on clarity and clearing negativity. It  will also do wonders for their mood!


Whilst this powerful stone imbues strength and energy into its user, something the Leo has in abundance, it is also excellent for self awareness. Leos tend toward the egotistical: it’s hard not to be when they’re constantly being told how awesome they are! Meditation with Carnelian will help bring balance to their achievements, and further awareness and compassion to how they are acting toward others. A beautiful piece of jewellery like this Carnelian bracelet will also appeal to the Leo’s glamourous side.


Unsurprisingly, the power imbued in the Sunstone works well with our fixed sun star sign, Leo. A positivity and abundance stone, this beautiful crystal helps block out negative energy, improve mood and bring every kind of abundant luxury to our lion friends.


Abundance and creativity are hallmarks of Citrine, but it is this stone’s ability to boost immunity and stamina that will be of most benefit to our hardworking Leos. Meditation with Citrine will also bring awareness to and clarify feelings of doubt and being taken for granted. A stand of Citrine placed at the Leo’s desk will appeal to their love of beautiful things as well as bring more joy and abundance into their day.

Tigers Eye

Leo’s can be overbearing, possessive and self-absorbed. Tigers Eye is the perfect stone to help temper those negative traits and bring a little more compassion and self-awareness to the lion. Gift your Leo friends with a Tigers Eye tumble to carry with them to encourage clarity and benevolent confidence all day long.


Leo’s birthstone, this green, soothing stone promotes love and compassion, heals emotional wounds and clears those dark ‘I’m so unappreciated’ moods.