Taurus and Crystals for Clarity and Confidence

Taurus and Crystals for Clarity and Confidence

Taurus and Crystals for Clarity and Confidence

The Bull: a symbol of strength, earthiness, vitality and determination. Is there a better represented sign in the zodiac? Absolutely not, and our Taurus friends like it that way. Grounded, sturdy, and enamoured with the beauty of the natural world, Taureans love all things delicious, sensuous and comfy. From first class anything to secluded picnics on the beach (with their favourite foods of course) or an afternoon curled up on the couch with a cup of tea and their Oodie… the Bull loves living life to the fullest, but that doesn’t mean travelling at a break neck speed. In fact, Taureans move at their own slow and steady pace, and always inexorably toward (what they believe is) a noble destination. This makes our horned friend a fantastic worker, leader and partner, not least because they ensure every space they inhabit is beautified with flowers and filled with yummy snacks. Once their mind is set on a goal, be it a career, project or lover, they will plod toward it with enviable consistency, stamina and reliability. And yet, herein lies their greatest struggle: stubbornness, immovability and resistance to change.

This unwillingness to seek a better, easier or healthier path to their destination, or simply letting someone or something join them on it, is often our Taurean friends’ downfall. They are ‘I can make it work’ Kings and Queens. They will remain in a job, situation or relationship, putting up with all kinds of indignities, stress and heartache because they stubbornly believe they can ‘fix it’. They will resist help or new friends; even the suggestion of trying a different coffee shop can put them into an angry, stubborn spiral.

How do we help our beautiful Bull? Simply, Taureans need tools to help them gain clarity, and then the confidence and flexibility to move in a different, healthier and more loving direction… back to those halcyon days on the couch, by the beach or lingering in the

Gold Class Cinema. Meditating with or wearing these crystals will most certainly help our earthy Taurean friends…


Often, having the confidence and strength to withdraw from something that isn’t working in their life, whether that be a job, lover or project, is the Bull’s greatest battle. Throw in limiting beliefs which hold them back from attracting and accepting new opportunities, and the flag will always be red. In this way, Malachite is a powerful aid. Instilling confidence to confront their fears, this beautiful heart stone will bring peace and harmony back into the Taurus life. This stone will help them step out of their comfort zone and move toward a life of sensuous comfort once more. For constant confidence, this beautiful Malachite pendant will sit over your Taurus’s heart (and it look gorgeous so you’ll know they’ll love it!)


A true power crystal for the Bull, Moonstone will help bypass stubbornness and connect with intuition, gaining clarity and the strength to transform. Calming and deeply connected to the rhythms of the earth, this is the perfect stone to help the Taurus become more comfortable with change and the direction in which it takes them. As a bonus, Moonstone is beautiful, and we all know our Taurean friends love that!


An excellent protective stone, Jade balances the nerves and calms our thoughts. This crystal will help enhance their loving and joyful nature, while promoting the strength and stability the Bull craves.


This energy boosting crystal is the perfect remedy to the Taurean habit of stubbornly staying put. Meditation with Carnelian will bring greater self-awareness and clarity, encourage an easier, more fulfilling direction to emerge and motivate the Bull to heave their astrological bulk onto a better path. Perhaps most importantly, Carnelian promotes courage, the kind needed to take a perceived risk with strong, assertive action. These powerful Carnelian bracelets are perfect for your Taurean’s wrist, in their car or draped over their work station.


For those Taureans who are really stuck, Selenite vibrations will uplift their spirit, cleanse them of negative energy and clear confusion. The red rag will be lifted from their eyes, their vision will clear and, in its place, will be a quiet strength and peaceful energy. A large tower or stand of Selenite placed in your Taurus’s home will work best here.