Aries and crystals for mindfulness

Aries and crystals for mindfulness

Aries and crystals for mindfulness

With their joyful personality and relentless drive, there’s no wonder Aries are natural born leaders. Passionate, determined and confident, their playful and positive nature is infectious. They excel in any endeavour which involves racing at break-neck speed, whether that’s on the sports field, in a high pressure job or parkouring their way to the best part of the dance floor. Rest assured, you won’t be resting with an Aries, but you will be having a lot of fun. It’s not that they mean to be reckless or tactless: Aries are simply direct and honest when it comes to getting what they want. 

As the first sign of the zodiac, the Aries has no inherited wisdom from the signs who came before. As such, they approach life with crackling energy and blind optimism. They are ecstatic and full of confidence with each success, yet frustrated, selfish and enraged when things don’t go to plan. The Ram tends to learn lessons the hard way: they’ll butt through barriers first with that hard head, and ask questions later. In short, our Aries friends can be routinely impulsive, bordering on cavalier. Helping them to think and act mindfully and with patience is the greatest gift we can give them.

Crystals to help Aries mindfulness


The beautiful blue of Aquamarine works well to cool the red hot fire of our Ram’s impulsiveness and occasional rage. When used in meditation, this stone can bring the power of insight, clarity and balance to an Aries, helping them to make more informed decisions. Aquamarine also promotes calm and harmony, which will bring a more peaceful energy to the high octane Aries. In particular, a pendant worn daily will help bring balance to the Throat Chakra, ensuring our Aries will have more compassion and be more readily able to calmly communicate their thoughts.


Aries are one of the most physically, spiritually and emotional energetic signs of the zodiac, which why Amethyst, an energy tranquiliser, is so beneficial for our Ram friends. Amethyst releases stress and anxiety, helping non-stop Aries take a step back and focus on their spiritual wellbeing. Regular meditation with this stone will activate their third eye chakra and enable greater mindfulness, transforming the Ram’s frustration and aggression to acceptance, calm and peace.


A powerful grounding stone, Bloodstone, with its fiery licks of colour, doesn’t dampen the Aries spirit, but sharpens their inner strength into laser sharp focus and clear, calm attentiveness Excellent at encouraging resilience and motivation, Bloodstone will also help our Aries friend keep their eye on the end game, rather than giving up impulsively at the first hurdle. Even a small Bloodstone tumble carried in a pocket will help melt away those hot emotions of resentment, anger and intolerance.


Aries will be naturally drawn to the warm, fire-like colours of Citrine which is wonderful: this stone will support their emotional balance and overall wellbeing. Gift your Aries friend a beautiful Citrine Stand for their work or home: it will help channel their creativity and bring further clarity to their thoughts and emotions.

Red Jasper

Help temper the Aries impulsiveness with Red Jasper. This stone promotes a powerful  grounding energy that encourages our Rams to consider a more mindful response. Red Jasper will also help Aries connects to calm Mother Earth energy through the Root and Sacral Chakra, inspiring patience and more self-assuredness in our driven friends.