How to Use Your Crystal Pendulum

How to Use Your Crystal Pendulum

How to Use Your Crystal Pendulum

How to Use Your Crystal Pendulum.

It may look like a statement piece, but crystal pendulums have so much more power than the simple ability to set your outfit off! I love crystal pendulums, they’re a wonderful tool which help to connect you with your inner self. Sometimes my intuition is cloudy, I don’t know which path to take on a particular issue, or there is too much going on around me to gain a true sense of the ‘right’ way This is where a pendulum can be absolutely fantastic. 

What is a Crystal Pendulum?

A pendulum is a triangular-looking gemstone connected to a chain. It is used to help you connect to your higher self by asking questions to guide, clarify, and raise your awareness. 

The pendulum itself can be made out of any small object attached to the end of a string, and made of wood, gemstone, glass, or metal. However, with its innate healing properties, crystal pendulums have an added ‘oomph’ of energy to help you connect to your inner self and spiritual guides.

History of Crystal Pendulums

Pendulums have been used since the Ancient Egyptians and across cultures to locate water, gold, gems and other valuable items. Medieval medical practice saw scientists and doctors using pendulums to locate infections and weak areas of the body. Today, pendulists are employed to located precious minerals and water. And for you and I, pendulums can be used to answer questions and guide us onto the right path to inner health and happiness.  

Benefits of a Crystal Pendulum

Crystal pendulums are used to gain more clarity, connection, and a better understanding of something happening within or around you. You can ask the pendulum questions about life, love, health, career or money. Those questions can be as simple as ‘Will it rain today?’ or more complex like, ‘Is my current job worth staying in?’ Some people use a pendulum to direct every aspect of their lives (including what to eat for dinner!), but for me, a crystal pendulum is a healing tool which can help connect me to my inner self and intuition, and balance my energy.  

I use a pendulum before meditation, as it can help direct my spiritual intentions and also help identify where in my body I’m feeling ‘stuck’ or anxious. Once I’ve completed this, I can focus on becoming more balanced energetically and spiritually.

Choosing a Crystal Pendulum

 Choosing the right crystal pendulum is so much fun and very easy: you simply allow it to choose you! There is no right or wrong pendulum: as we always say at Shiny Storm, your crystal has been making its way to you all along, and the same can be said of pendulums.

Trust your intuition and allow yourself to be shown which pendulum is right for you. When you see a crystal pendulum on Shiny Storm or pick one up at our market stalls, how does it feel? Are you drawn to a particular one? Focus on the feeling, and you will know which one is meant to be yours. 

How to Use Your Crystal Pendulum

A crystal pendulum will help you with any problem, troubling situation, or something you need more clarity around. But remember, it can only answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions. Framing or asking very clear questions is the key here.

Also remember, that a crystal pendulum is connecting with your energy at that moment. You will undoubtedly receive a different answer to ‘Should I go to the gym?’ at different times of the day, depending on where your physical energy levels are at (it’s always better for me to ask in the morning 😉

  1. Cleanse: Crystal pendulums must be cleansed to release any negative or ‘leftover’ energy.  Cleansing with White Sage or with the particular methods outlined for each crystal type every few uses is recommended to gain crystal clear (see what I did there?) clarity. 
  2. Calibrate your crystal pendulum.

 It’s key to learn how your crystal pendulum reacts to your questions, and how it will answer ‘yes’ and ‘no’.

Take a moment and quiet your mind. Take a few deep cleansing breaths to open up and clear your mind, body, and spirit. Holding the pendulum in your dominant hand with the chain or top link between your thumb and index finger, simply ask. Start with, ‘Show me yes,’ and, ‘Show me no.’ You could even say, ‘What does ‘yes’ look like?’ or, ‘What does ‘no’ look like?'

 Your crystal pendulum will either swing vertically, horizontally, or in circular motions. You will need to take note of which way it moves to each of the questions. Other simple calibrating questions to ask could be: 

  • Am I alive?
  • Do I write with my left hand?
  • Is the sky above me green?

These kinds of questions are also useful in helping you connect with your crystal pendulum.

  1. Have your questions ready.

When looking for clarity or guidance around a situation, have more than one question prepared about the topic so you can gain as much insight and receive as much guidance as possible. 

  1. Remain open: Using a pendulum is all about being at ease and allowing the crystal pendulum to communicate freely with you and your inner self. Just like in meditation, the more open you are to receive, the easier you and the crystal pendulum can communicate. The answers are always within you, you must simply trust and allow that connection with your inner self and higher source to open. 

One thing to note is that much like we have ‘off’ days, your crystal pendulum might not always work either, and will not be open to or want to answer your question at that particular moment. You will know this, as a separate directional swing or the crystal pendulum might simply remain still. Just put the pendulum down, cleanse it, and try again later.

Also, remember that crystal pendulums are a tool which will help you connect with your inner self and intuition: the answers are always held within us, we just need to uncover them.