What are Crystal Rituals?

What are Crystal Rituals?

What are Crystal Rituals?

Once you have allowed a beautiful crystal to make its way into your life, you may arrive home and think ‘Now what?’ Beyond wearing, meditating or simply placing a crystal on a shelf in your home, one powerful method of allowing crystal energy to improve your wellbeing, is to create a Crystal Ritual. In fact, using crystals in ritual is one of the best ways to amplify their healing powers.

What is a Crystal Ritual?

Rituals abound in our everyday life and are an indicator of our mindfulness in it. A routine ritual might be greeting people with a handshake or saying thank you. Extraordinary rituals might include an intricate memorial ceremony that brings healing to grief, or a celebration of love filled with traditions and formalities. Simple rituals are no less powerful: a blessing and/or silence before sharing a meal is an incredibly potent practice of mindfulness. 

A Crystal Ritual takes this heightened level of mindfulness and combines it with the powerful vibrations emanating from the stones you use. The result is an amplified sense of wellbeing, clarity, love, confidence… whatever it is you seek to improve.

Why are Crystal Rituals so powerful?

The power of healing crystals is amplified through ritual and meditation. Each crystal carries unique vibrational energy and healing properties. Rituals are a deeply personal practice, a way to connect with your inner self, your intuition, your intentions and the Earth’s healing energy. When rituals and crystals are used in combination, meditation and intention setting can be taken to the next level.

Creating a ritual around crystals can increase healing benefits and promote a greater sense of mindfulness. Rituals allow you to focus on your goals, attune blocked energy centres, and clear and cleanse negative energy and stress. Essentially, Crystal Rituals elevate the healing power of meditation. 

How do I create a Crystal Ritual?

Perhaps the best part of a Crystal Ritual, is that it is wholly led by you. We encourage all our Shiny Storm clients to allow their intuition to guide them when seeking out a crystal: ‘Allow the crystal to choose you. What are you drawn to? Which one calls you the loudest?’ The same is true when creating a Crystal Ritual.

Crystal Rituals can take many forms: it is a personal practice and ultimately you decide how to work with your crystals. Perhaps creating a crystal grid with Rose Quartz appeals to you one day, and the next, you take a simpler approach and carry a piece in your pocket. Go toward what feels best.

Types of Crystal Rituals

Crystal Rituals and Meditation

Focusing on the breath to quiet the mind in meditation can be developed and improved using crystals. Their power enhances your meditative abilities.

Place your crystals nearby or hold them while meditating. Focus on your intention and breathe into the energy each crystal emits.   

Grid Crystal Ritual

Put simply, this is the meditative practice of arranging crystals on a grid. There is no wrong way to arrange your crystals, and they can be as simple or as complex as you like: use your intuition! As long as you are setting your intentions, or focused on the aspect or chakra you would like to clear.

Choose a sacred geometry shape which appeals to you: cube, triangle, tetrahedron, Octahedron or Icosahedron. Place your crystals in the pattern, starting from the outside and working your way in. There are lots of ways to enhance this practice, but follow your intuition to start with.

Bath Crystal Ritual

The ultimate self-care, relaxation ritual! This involves infusing your bath with water safe crystals to help ground and recenter you while washing away negative energy. Light candles, dim the lights and have your favourite essential oils on hand.

Fill your bath with warm water and place your crystals around the edges, setting your intentions as you go. For an all-out chakra cleanse, place an appropriate crystal beside each chakra. If it feels good, submerge water-safe crystals to infuse the water. Lay in the bath and relax. Breathe in new energy. Exhale that which no longer serves you.

Altar Crystal Ritual

An altar is the physical expression of your dedication to your intentions and crystal practice. It is a sacred place for you, your crystals and meaningful items which reinforce your intention and clear and cleanse your energy. 

Choose a space in your home or workplace; it can be a shelf or a quiet corner, anywhere you can be still and meditate. Set your intention and use your intuition to arrange your crystals and other meaningful items in the space.

Shiny Storm and Crystal Rituals

We love to help our clients create their Crystal Rituals! Pop into one of our stores and discuss with our amazing team today.