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Balance ✧ Protection ✧ Soothing

Agate comes in all the colours of the rainbow and can be an effective healing and meditation stone.

African Blood

Protection ✧ Courage ✧ Action

This is a healer’s stone used to ground negativityand protect against injuryor harm.


Communication ✧ Truth ✧ Peace

A variety of feldspar, Amazonite is known as the Stone of Truth and the Stone of Courage.


Calm ✧ Intuition ✧ Strength

Amethyst comes from the quartz family and can range in colour from pale to deep purple.

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Balance ✧ Energise ✧ Purify

Apatite is the ultimate stone to help you find a place of balance and tranquillity. Recentering into the essence of you by discarding energetic blocks, harmful habits and all those negative thought patterns we pick up unconsciously is an important part of any healing process; this crystal will help you achieve that. 


Spiritual Awakening ✧ Calmness ✧ Intuition

Only recently discovered, Apophyllite is a powerful attractor stone useful for anyone regardless of the intentions they may have for their crystal collection.


Calming ✧ Inspiration ✧ Peace

Aquamarine is a manifestation stone and helps to clear the channel between heart and throat chakras.


Patience ✧ Intuition ✧ Emotional Insight

Aragonite is the perfect stone to partner with when you begin your journey with inner healing.

Aura quartz

Joy ✧ Truth ✧ Freedom

Aura Quartz or Angel Aura Quartz is a natural quartz crystal processed at extremely high heat with precious metals.


Positivity ✧ Decisiveness ✧ Freedom

Formed from quartz with inclusions of others minerals, Aventurine can be almost any colour, though green is most common.

Black Kyanite

Protection ✧ Joy ✧ Healing

As protection stones go, Black Kyanite is one of the most powerful, able to awaken our inner selves from deep slumber.

Black Tourmaline

Protection ✧ Regeneration ✧ Courage

Black Tourmaline is an incredibly helpful crystal and one I use frequently to absorb any negativity surrounding me.


Courage ✧ Transformation ✧ Strength

The ultimate hero stone, this crystal imparts a cool and determined energy of courage and calm.

Blue Aragonite

Calming ✧ Healing ✧ Communication

This pretty stone is strongly associated with the throat chakra, and is blessed with powerful, yet soothing healing capabilities. A beautiful gift from Mother Earth, if a gentle and calm conversational ‘download’ with a caring friend was embodied in a stone, Blue Aragonite would be it.

Blue Lace Agate

Communication ✧ Calming ✧ Trust

A communication stone first and foremost, the delicate lines forming Blue Lace Agate imparts a sense of loyalty, trust, calm and optimism.

Blue Calcite

Calming ✧ Communication ✧ Protection

In general, Calcites are powerful amplifiers and cleansers of energy: they are wonderful healing stones, especially when used with Chakras of the same colour.

Blue Quartz

Growt ✧  Communication ✧ Calm

Are you on a personal growth journey? Blue Quartz is for you.


Cleansing ✧ Healing ✧ Manifestation

Calcite comes in all colours of the rainbow, with each holding specific properties aligned with each corresponding chakra.

Caribbean Blue Calcite

Serenity ✧ Intuition ✧ Self-Discovery

This stone represents one of the newest discoveries in the crystal kingdom, and whilst our knowledge of the Caribbean Blue Calcite is limited, its power when used with the third eye and crown chakra is obvious.

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Strength ✧ Self-Awareness ✧ Energy

This crystal brings beautiful power into your life, giving strength to your weaknesses and improvement to your general wellbeing:


Tranquility ✧ Balance ✧ Expression

This is a beautiful all-round crystal, perfect for encouraging and maintaining a peaceful energetic balance within your home.

Chevron Amethyst

Spirituality ✧ Connection to Higher Realms ✧ Manifestation

Need a potent aid to connect with your higher self, the self who is the truest, purest and happiest form of ‘you’? Let us introduce you to the beautiful, v-banded Chevron Amethyst!


Communication ✧ Calm ✧ Clarity

The rare and exceptionally beautiful Chrysocolla is a stone which has been used for thousands of years and was considered sacred by the Ancient Egyptians and Native Americans.


Growth ✧ Clarity ✧ Inner Knowledge

Also known as Australian Jade because of the large quantities currently coming out of Queensland, Chrysoprase symbolises new life in all its manifestations.


Creativity ✧ Abundance ✧ Joy

Citrine is both beautiful and powerful, channelling creativity and clarifying thought and emotion.

Clear Quartz

Harmony ✧ Power ✧ Healing

This is often the first crystal people purchase when starting out on their healing and wellbeing journey due to the versatile nature of this stone.

Dalmatian Jasper

Manifestation ✧ Self-love ✧ Balancing

Mesmerising black dots characterise this nurturing stone. Jasper is wonderful and nurturing, though Dalmatian Jasper takes this trait and amplifies it into one of manifestation, courage and confidence. 

Desert Rose

Cleansing ✧ Charging ✧ Balancing

This beautiful and fragile crystal which can be used to anchor the user in a grounded space, helping them to gain balance and alignment with their true self.

Dragon’s Blood Jasper 

Vitality ✧ Joy ✧ Strength

Dragon’s Blood Jasper is reminiscent of the fabled animal, with the green colour of the stone representing the skin and deep red the blood. It is a potent symbol, and the stone is no different!


Love ✧ Healing ✧ Growth

Directly empowering and enlivening our Heart chakra with free-flowing energy makes Emerald excellent in the aid of emotional healing.