The perfect addition to any routine, A Year of Intuitive Tarot 2023 Planner helps you keep tabs on upcoming events, projects, and everything you do throughout the year with exciting tarot interpretations.

Take a journey of enlightenment through the year with this tarot-inspired weekly planner. This unique planner invites you on a mystical planning and scheduling experience, whether for work, school, or your daily life from July 2022 through December 2023. Thoughtfully composed to guide you in honing your intuition, manifesting success, and finding meaning in your tarot readings, this planner is designed for anyone interested in tarot, from beginners to seasoned interpreters. This planner features:

- Stunning full-page spreads of enchanting tarot art featuring the cards of the Major Arcana and their in-depth meanings.
- Full-page five-card spreads to open and inform each month.
- Quick reference reading charts for both standard and reversed interpretations of your cards and monthly readings.
- Designated space to write which cards you pulled, interpretations of each card, and to record your impressions and conclusions.
- 18 full-month calendar spreads from July 2022 through December 2023
- 72 weeks with plenty of space to write.
- Convenient size ideal for carrying in a bookbag, briefcase, or purse.

This planner is great for personal use, but also makes a transcendent gift that's perfect for tarot lovers of all ages, students, people with busy work schedules, or your industrious friends and family. Manifest your best year yet with the potent power of intuition and inspiration with A Year of Intuitive Tarot 2023 Weekly Planner.