Agate Cave
Agate Cave
Agate Cave
Agate Cave
Agate Cave
Agate Cave
Agate Cave

Agate Cave


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Balance ✧ Protection ✧ Soothing

Agate comes in all the colours of the rainbow and can be an effective healing and meditation stone.

Unusually, different agates will have slightly varying properties depending on their colour: ask myself or one of the team at Shiny Storm to help you find the best kind for your needs. Essentially though, they are composed of quartz crystals whose hexagonal structure will help you achieve desires.

Agate is primarily thought of as a protection stone, associated

with transforming negativity as well as improving concentration, perception and analytical abilities. It is a bringer of balance, and can be used effectively in soothing and calming inner anger and turmoil.

Origin: All over the world
Energy: Amplifies
Colours: Black, blue, brown, grey, green, multi-coloured, orange, purple, red, white, yellow.
Depends on colour, all chakras.

Works with: Other Agates, Clear Quartz.
Helps with:
Emotional balance, concentration, calmness and manifestation. Blue: communication and honesty. Moss: love, success. Orange/brown: willpower. Pink: compassion. Other colours: any concerns associated with chakras of the same colour.
Usage tip:
A beautiful way to begin a powerful and special relationship with an agate is to allow one to make its way to you. They can be found on rocky beaches all over the world: simply look through the rocks and when you see one that speaks to you, hold it up to the sunlight. If the sun shines through, it is an agate. If that sounds a little hard or you don’t live near a rocky beach, contact Shiny Storm: we will be more than happy to unite you with your agate!


W 10cm H 11m D 6cm


*Chips and imperfections

Mother Earth is a incredibly generous and nurturing. Each crystal she offers is unique with an individual energy, shape and size. However, please keep in mind that our stones are not sourced from a factory, but are genuine crystals offered by the Earth. As such some imperfections and chips may be present. This is nature in all her glory- diverse, beautiful and irreplaceable.