Citrine Cluster
Citrine Cluster
Citrine Cluster
Citrine Cluster
Citrine Cluster
Citrine Cluster

Citrine Cluster


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Creativity ✧ Abundance ✧ Joy

Citrine is both beautiful and powerful, channelling creativity and clarifying thought and emotion.

This is a gorgeous addition to your crystal collection. From the quartz family and ranging in colour from pale yellow to orange and amber, there are two types of Citrine: naturally occurring and heat-treated amethyst. The difference can be seen in the golden yellow colour. If it is extremely clear and saturated it is a heat-treated amethyst. Despite this, it still has similar properties to naturally occurring Citrine, though the latter tends to contain a more powerful energy.

Citrine is associated with the sacral and solar plexus chakras and is known to be beneficial for creativity, manifestation and imagination. 

This beautiful crystal can help to open the door to inner thought during manifestation, awakening your creative thought and then helping to drive the action needed to bring those ideas into reality. In this way, Citrine is a stone which can bring great joy and abundance as your positive thoughts become tangible things. Also known as the ‘Merchant’s Stone’, Citrine will bring wealth and abundance to wherever it’s warming energy is directed.

This crystal is also associated with boosting the immunity, stamina and digestive orders, especially with its connections to the lower chakras. Citrine can also help clear energy blocks around feelings of lack and doubt. 


Origin: Brazil, Peru, Russia, United States.
Energy: Amplifies
Colours: Yellow

Chakra: Solar Plexus.


Works with: Clear quartz, amethyst, ametrine, smoky quartz.
Helps with: Encouraging abundance, creativity, self-esteem and self-image, creating generosity, promoting clarity, manifestation, personal action (or getting stuff done!), facilitating new beginnings.
Usage tip: Place Citrine all over your home, particularly in places you want abundance and prosperity to flow. In a physical store, you should definitely place a large Citrine on the left corner at the back, maybe close to a plant to give the other company. Stones like to have friends too!
If you’re not sure where to put it but you would love to encourage more prosperity to enter your life, place Citrine in the back-left corner of your home. This is the prosperity corner, which can be found by standing at the front door, facing inward and looking toward the back-left. In fact, placing Citrine in the back-left corner of any room will increase the riches flowing into your life. Consider your place of work, whether that is a bricks and mortar shopfront, an online business or your office: where would Citrine be best placed to promote abundance?  


W 8cm H 5cm D 10cm


*Chips and imperfections

Mother Earth is a incredibly generous and nurturing. Each crystal she offers is unique with an individual energy, shape and size. However, please keep in mind that our stones are not sourced from a factory, but are genuine crystals offered by the Earth. As such some imperfections and chips may be present. This is nature in all her glory- diverse, beautiful and irreplaceable.