Featuring 54 Oracle Cards that will offer you guided advice and answers to your questions.

The Answer Cards are very easy to use; each card has its own interpretation written on the back of the card making it a quick and easy interactive read.

Answer cards can be used for daily readings, quick answers and advice to any questions you may have on your mind.

All you need to do is ask a question out loud or in your mind as you are shuffling the deck, you can either pick a card at any time after a few shuffles or if a card jumps out of the deck during the shuffling then I suggest you use that card. All you need to do then is read the answer to your question on the back of the card you have chosen.

Future life Love Answer Cards are special because unlike other cards you do not need to do any spreads.

Just pick one card at a time that will bring you closer to the answers or advice you have been searching for.

Future Life Love Answer Cards are proudly Printed in Australia and Australian Owned.