Howlite Choker


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Stainless Steel Choker & Howlite


Material: Stainless Steel Silver

A stainless steel is a great choice for a waterproof accessory since it is highly resistant to rust and corrosion. All details are carefully thought and made with only hight quality crystals. Ana & Felipe choose them one by one. ♡

Stone: Howlite

Purity ✧ Divine ✧ Calm

Howlite is best used in linking to the divine, divine inspiration and healing.

Being white, grey or colourless, this crystal can be easily dyed. Unfortunately, some vendors participate in this practice, dying Howlite blue to then sell it as Turquoise, something Shiny Storm is strenuously against.

Those using Howlite will understand its power as an excellent connector to the Divine, resonating deeply with both the Crown and Root chakras. 

A calming stone, this will enable you to open up the channels to divine inspiration within you, imparting a sense of confidence and strength within yourself and your own capabilities.
In particular, Howlite is very beneficial in helping to heal emotional damage and blocks, grounding the entirety of the user’s energy and allowing the mind to regain a sense of clarity.  

Origin: United States.
Energy: Absorbs.
Colours: White, grey, colourless.
Works with: Turquoise, amethyst, sodalite.
Helps with: Connecting to the Divine and higher truth, calming, reducing anxiety and stress, easing extreme emotions such as fury and misery.
Usage tip: Carry Howlite or wear it in jewellery during deeply distressing or stressful times. Meditate with Howlite to open your channels to the Divine. 

Note: All pictures have been taken on the sun light. Expect this beautiful crystal to be even prettier in person ♡