Lapis Lazuli Handmade Pendant

Lapis Lazuli Handmade Pendant


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Our stunning 925 silver pendant collection is handmade in Indonesia by a local small family which we are very proud to support. All details are carefully thought and made with only high quality crystals 


Lapis Lazuli is not actually a crystal, but a metamorphic rock. However, its beauty and magical properties have been sought after for centuries, particularly by the Ancient Egyptians.

Highly prized as a stone for royalty, this powerful stone can help to awaken the inner power and majesty in all of us. Lapis Lazuli will greatly aid in uncovering hard truths, both within yourself and the motivations that drive your habits and behaviours. Thus, this powerful communication stone helps to shine a light on those blockages hindering the flow of positive energy through you, especially those buried deep within you.

Acknowledging and speaking your truth are far easier with Lapis Lazuli, as is any kind of speaking or public performance.

Associated with the third eye, this stone is also a wonderful channel to new ideas, greater intellect and knowledge. Whether on a higher plane or simply in high school, Lapis Lazuli is an excellent nurturer of the love of learning. 

Origin: Chile, Egypt, Middle East, United States.

Energy: Absorbs.

Colours: Azure blue, blue with white or gold. 

Chakra: Third Eye and Throat.


Works with: Clear Quartz.

Helps with: Communication, written communication, education, learning, expressing truth, harmony, improving performance, wisdom, intellect, truth, psychic development, energy boost.   

Usage tip: Lapis Lazuli makes beautiful jewellery, and will help any performer or speaker particularly when worn as a necklace. Carry Lapis Lazuli with you to enhance your natural abilities. Place Lapis Lazuli around your home and office to promote clear thought and organisation.