Handmade 925 Silver Pendant & Larimar

Material: 925 Silver

Our stunning 925 silver collection is handmade in Indonesia by a local small family which we are very proud to support. All details are carefully thought and made with only hight quality crystals. Ana & Felipe choose them one by one. ♡

Stone: Larimar

Soothing ✧ ProtectionCommunication

Found in only one locality throughout the world, this stone was created in the fiery depths of a volcano, deposited high upon a Dominican mountain and has made its way to us via a slow journey to the Caribbean Ocean. Mother Earth has gifted this Larimar to us for three specific reason: to control our emotions, communicate our truth and restore our bodies. This gorgeous, soothing stone reflects the calming energies of those relaxed Caribbean waters, yet is so versatile; simply set an intention and begin.

Larimar activates the Throat chakra, making communicating our truth around difficult subjects and issues easier and in a calmer state. This precious stone soothes our emotions by clearing the negativity, stress and thought pollution we so often carry around in our mind and body. In this way, Larimar is excellent for those who have experienced trauma, supporting us to gently examine it, speak its truth and let it go. Without acknowledgement and a decision to move forward, trauma refuses to leave us. Larimar gives us the strength to do this difficult emotional work, soothing us back to a state of balance and peace.


Origin: Dominican Republic.

Energy: Amplify.

Chakra: Throat.

Colours: Light Blue, Blue

Works with:  Clear Quartz, Turquoise, Labradorite, Aquamarine.

Helps with: Trauma, resolution, wisdom, communication, new beginnings, purification, cleansing, intuition, insight, self-discovery, self-awareness, healing, soothing, depression, stress, truth, peace, compassion, inner work, inner peace, love.

Usage tip:

Larimar is a gorgeous stone: place a large stand in your home to encourage open communication, calm and peace.

Wear Larimar as close to your neck and throat chakra as possible. This will help with communication and anxiety.

Gently place soothing Larimar on your body to help draw out inflammation, fever or sunburn.

Meditate with Larimar to help break through old thought patterns and open up new ways of thinking and being.

A loving stone, Rhodochrosite is perfect for those looking to heal their emotional selves. A true self care stone, it reminds you to take time for you and your wellbeing. 


Note: All pictures have been taken on the sun light. Expect this beautiful crystal to be even prettier in person ♡