Manifesting with Crystals: Attracting Abundance, Wellness & Happiness

Manifesting with Crystals: Attracting Abundance, Wellness & Happiness


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Judy Hall's Manifesting with Crystals reveals how you can work with crystal power to transform every area of your life. Learn how to use the Law of Attraction - the principle that like attracts like - to manifest what you want in your life with the help of crystals.

Crystals help you get into vibrational alignment with the universe, making them potent tools for manifesting what you want in life. Whether you are looking to attract love, prosperity or new opportunities for success, there is a crystal that can help.

In Manifesting with Crystals, Judy Hall, one of the world's bestselling authors on crystals, teaches you how to use crystals to enhance your manifestation practice. The law of attraction works based on the principle that like attracts like - crystals, which already have powerful vibrational energies of their own, can magnify and focus your intention. You will learn how to sense the energy of crystals and choose the right ones to work with for manifesting and you will find inspiring visualizations, affirmations, rituals and layouts to help you connect to your crystal. 

Included are detailed profiles for more than seventy crystals which have special manifesting properties, such as:
-    Malachite
-    Angel's Wing Calcite
-    Agate
-    Aurora Quartz
-    Mystic Topaz
-    Citrine
-    and Mohawkite

Beautifully illustrated throughout, this book reveals the crystals and special techniques that can help you bring about positive change in your life. With this book and your crystals, you can make your dreams become a reality.