Strength ✧ Self-Awareness ✧ Energy

This crystal brings beautiful power into your life, giving strength to your weaknesses and improvement to your general wellbeing:

It is particularly beneficial for those who are timid or struggle to make decisions and act on them. Not only does it strengthen, building confidence, courage and passion, it will boost your energy. Carnelian can also help temper a sense of self that is either completely inflated or totally diminished, bringing awareness and clarity of who you truly are to the surface. When we understand ourselves and acknowledge our power, we can begin to love ourselves and from there, happiness and joy are just around the corner!

Carnelian is an excellent motivator, encouraging us to stop waiting for our dreams to appear, but rather make them happen through channels of manifestation and divine motivation. 

This crystal helps us have the courage to take the risks often associated with strong, assertive action. Carnelian is also attributed as being a ‘good luck’ stone, as well as attracting abundance.

  • This is the easiest way to add a new crystal to your collection.
  • Consider the tumbles as a "trial": test your connection with the crystal before you buy a bigger piece.
  • A practical way to carry your loved crystals around, either in your pocket, purse or wallet.