Love Protection Wisdom

A powerful ‘love stone’ credited with enhancing spiritual wisdom and protection from emotional upheaval. Stones which are pink in colour are often associated with gentle feminine energy, and when combined with the amazing protective, enlightening and purifying capabilities of the Amethyst, create a powerful crystal.

Pink Amethyst is wonderful for those who have felt lost emotionally, spiritually and in their relationships in the past, and are now ready to move into a future where they can embrace love for both themselves and others. This crystal will provide clarity into your inner being, and help to clear any blocks surrounding those destructive emotions you might have about love and your self-worth. A Pink Amethyst crystal will help you see yourself as you actually are, whilst helping to understand and acknowledge how others see you also. This is highly beneficial for anyone on their spiritual journey who is ready to seek truth, love and happiness.

This is also a highly protective crystal and will help you avoid further emotional turmoil.

Origin: Brazil
Chakra: Heart, Third Eye and Crown

Colours: Pink
Helps with: Inner inquiry, protection against emotional and spiritual upheaval, love, understanding, seeking truth, inner work, increasing happiness. 
Usage tip: 
If you are regularly in conflict with another person, hold a Pink Amethyst for protection, but also speak to it and ask for clarity on the situation. Meditate with Pink Amethyst for greater insight and enhancement of spiritual guidance.


W 3.5cm H 7cm D 4cm