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This is a quintessential heart stone, one which will help you heal, accept and move on to greater heights of love and happiness.

Yes, it’s that good!! Pistachio Calcite enhances your vitality, can bring abundance and helps us to grow both physically and emotionally. When suffering heartache, this stone will allow your joyful energy to grow and for you to accept and move purposefully into new beginnings, nourishment and health.

Calming Pisatachio Calcite will help you unwind after a hard day at work or an emotional experience, relieving the pressures and strain which have built up in your centre: the heart.

Pistachio Calcite can also help dissolve rigid, unhelpful belief systems which no longer serve you on the path you wish to follow. This powerful stone instead leads the mind to a more positive frame, helping with manifestation, abundance and intuition.

Origin: Mexico, Peru and Brazil.
Energy: Seeker, builder
Colours: Green.
Chakras: Heart.

Helps with: Heartache, personal growth, calming, manifestation, meditation, joy, physical and emotional healing, connecting with nature, love, stress relief, positivity.
Usage tip: Use green crystals to enhance any space used for eating or exercising. Place in any space where you are beginning a new project. Meditate with Pistachio Calcite outside to take advantage of its unique connection with nature, especially at dawn or dusk.

W 3cm H 9m D 3cm

*Chips and imperfections

Mother Earth is an incredibly generous and nurturing. Each crystal she offers is unique with an individual energy, shape and size. However, please keep in mind that our stones are not sourced from a factory, but are genuine crystals offered by the Earth. As such some imperfections and chips may be present. This is nature in all her glory- diverse, beautiful and irreplaceable.