Stainless Steel Bracelet & Unakite


Material: Stainless Steel Gold 

A stainless steel is a great choice for a waterproof accessory since it is highly resistant to rust and corrosion. All details are carefully thought and made with only hight quality crystals. Ana & Felipe choose them one by one. ♡

Stone: Unakite

Energy ✧ Protection ✧ Self-Healing

Known for being gentle yet powerful, Unakite helps to balance feelings of pain, emotional heaviness and unease with more positive and calming energies.

When we use Unakite, our mental, spiritual and emotional bodies are unified in a balanced and positive manner, affording us more strength and courage to deal with our day to day concerns and past traumas. 

In this way, this beautiful stone is exceptional in the self-healing process, able to clear away stagnant energy quickly and instil a sense of inner peace and mental clarity. 

Also considered a potent protection stone, Unakite has been used for centuries especially in regards to fertility and throughout pregnancy to help the safe arrival of healthy babies. Protection of the home and loved ones is assured with Unakite aiding the smooth flow of loving and affectionate energies throughout. 

Origin: USA, China, South Africa, Brazil, Sierra Leone.
Colours: Green, olive green and red.
Helps with:
 Emotional trauma, blocked energy, love, protection, self-healing, peace, wisdom, clarity, patience, calm, relief, anxiety, fertility, strength, energy flow, vitality, self-love, growth, development, joy, happiness. 
Usage tip: Meditate with Unakite to help disperse negative and heavy feelings. Wear Unakite to boost your self confidence and dispel negative thoughts. Place Unakite on your belly to help with fertility and to develop a strong connection with babies in the womb. 

Note: All pictures have been taken on the sun light. Expect this beautiful crystal to be even prettier in person ♡