Crystals for Capricorns, Pessimism and the Overworked.

Crystals for Capricorns, Pessimism and the Overworked.

Crystals for Capricorns, Pessimism and the Overworked.

Ambitious, hardworking, practical and thorough, Capricorns are gifted with deep wisdom and a kind heart. They make incredibly loyal and thoughtful friends, workmates and partners; once they’re on your team, they will never leave you out in the cold. And don’t be fooled by the Goat’s stoic demeanour; they love creating secure, seriously luxurious (bordering on materialistic) lives and they’re not afraid to put the hours in to get it. As such, Capricorns are the pragmatic workhorses of the zodiac.

Is there an impossible deadline? A lofty goal? An uber expensive handbag/outfit/car to buy? The Capricorn will make it happen through sheer grit and determination. The hard-headed goat will never let an obstacle slow them down, literally butting anything out of the way to achieve their goals. Herein lies the problem for our ambitious friends: a total disregard for their own health as they go about achieving their Next Big Thing.

Now, for the grounded (that is, cynical), practical (pessimistic) and logical (read: no time for nonsense) Capricorn, gifting them a crystal to help heal their overworked mind and negativity tendencies might seem like a tough call. Slowing down to meditate with a powerful stone probably won’t fit into their schedule, besides, who’s got time to research all this inner healing stuff anyway? Our hard headed friends have concrete targets to smash into! Appeal to their tangible side with a statement crystal or beautiful piece of jewellery and let the stone do its magic on your Goat-headed loves.


There’s a reason this is the Capricorn birthstone! A luscious and luxurious red, Garnet has been used for thousands of years to stoke creativity and help us complete tasks. Bringing our dreams into reality (aka: smashing those goals) is this stone’s most revered trait, and it repels negativity. See why it’s perfect?


A magical stress reliever, the ethereal beauty of Aragonite will appeal to the luxe-led Capricorn (these Blue Aragonite towers make the perfect statement décor piece. This crystal will help bring clarity to a problem or challenge, increase confidence and intuition. If your Capricorn friend can slow down enough to meditate, Aragonite will help clear blocks and align the chakras, allowing for greater balance and clarity to get the job done.


A wonderful calming stone, this beautiful crystal will soothe the uptight Capricorn, bring patience, healing and balance to their over-worked lives. Meditation with Moonstone also helps us connect with the higher realms (maybe don’t tell your Cap friend that!) This gorgeous pendant will appeal to the Capricorn, lover of shiny things, and help soothe their emotional turmoil when worn.

Rose Calcite

Bring much need self-love, stress relief and self-care into the realm of your Capricorn with Rose Calcite. This pretty stone holds magical powers which encourage us to have compassion and love for ourselves, nurturing our body, mind and soul for a more joyful life experience. Yes, all the Capricorns are rolling their eyes, which is why a statement décor piece for their home is the perfect way to imbue Rose Calcite tranquillity into their busy lives.


Give your Capricorn friend a jolt of power and harmony with Flourite. This stone appeals to all the Goat-like traits, repelling negativity, encouraging mental clarity and focus as well as clearing energetic blocks. When our Capricorns start a new, ambitious project (and they will!) this is the stone to have by their side.

Black Tourmaline

This is the perfect stone to absorb all that it-can’t-be-done negativity, something our Capricorn friends tend to face in new and daunting projects. Black Tourmaline is a powerful protection stone, imparting courage, confidence and balancing inner turmoil.