Unblock Your Chakra with Crystals

Unblock Your Chakra with Crystals

Unblock Your Chakra with Crystals

Feeling ‘off’ in a way that’s hard to explain? Prone to back aches, a sore throat, skin complaints or headaches? Do negative emotions seem to well up out of nowhere or worse, rarely leave you? So often at our market stalls or stores, we meet clients who feel all or some of the symptoms above. They have been in and out of doctors’ offices with varying degrees of successful treatments but are still searching for a true sense of health and wellbeing. Thankfully, we are all becoming more accepting and knowledgeable of our energy body, and the seven main energy centres within it: our chakras.

What are chakras?

The word chakra means “wheel” in Sanskrit, and represents free flowing disks of energy. There are hundreds of chakras within our body, with seven main ones. These powerful energy reservoirs run along the centre of our bodies. They have strong relationships to our spinal cord, nervous system, organs, and other important bodily systems and functions. Having our chakras ‘open’ and balanced with each other is essential to good overall health. Just like a faulty switch or appliance can short out the energy supply to our entire home, blocked or unbalanced chakras can have a detrimental effect on our physical and mental wellbeing.

How do chakras become blocked?

Hmm, let us count the many many ways! Experiencing an emotional or physical trauma. A poor diet or unhealthy lifestyle. Stress. Poor posture. Anxiety. Trauma in a past life. Exposure to pollutants or chemicals… We’re sure even the Dalai Lama has a blocked chakra from time to time! These blockages will present themselves in corresponding physical ailments, mental and emotional turmoil or depression.

How to unblock our chakras.

When our seven chakras are open and in alignment, or balanced, you feel healthier, able to repair from injury or sickness, are emotionally resilient and positive about your goals, and feel in flow: you are at ease and enjoy life much more often than not. Eating a healthy diet, drinking plenty of water, gentle exercise, stretching and a good night’s sleep will do wonders for balancing your chakras. Essential oils are helpful too. But it’s no surprise that the Shiny Storm believes and has seen much evidence that crystals are a fundamental tool to unblocking and balancing chakras.

Why are crystals essential for chakra health?

We could talk about crystal structure, the development and arrangement of ions and atoms and how these properties help to restore the energetic fields within our bodies, but tbh, it gets pretty technical. For most of us though, it is enough to know that crystals carry healing properties and spiritual energies. Specific crystals correlate powerfully to specific chakras, and when used in the methods below, provide vibrational energy with healing superpowers for the body, mind, and soul. Our ancient people knew this instinctively, and have used crystals in healing and ceremony since civilisation began. 

How to use crystals to unblock the chakras.

Balancing and unblocking your chakras with crystals is a relaxing and beautiful practice to incorporate into your daily routine. There is no hard or fast method, though using those crystals which correspond to each chakra will yield better results. Once you have all your chakra crystals, simply choose which method feels right for you:

  1. Place crystals on your chakra points. Lay on your back or front and on your body, place each specific crystal onto the corresponding chakra. Close your eyes and take long, slow breaths for five minutes or more.
  2. Meditate with your crystals. Place your seven chakra crystals around you. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and begin your meditation. For deeper healing, close your eyes and focus on each chakra one at a time, starting at the root. You will know which chakra is blocked: the ‘area’ will feel closed, restless or melancholic. Once you have identified the blocked chakra(s), hold the corresponding crystal in your hand and meditate, visualising the crystal’s colour in your mind. There are many guided meditations available online to help.
  3. Jewellery. Perhaps the most delightful way to remind yourself to be at ease and balance your chakras throughout the day is to wear crystal jewellery. The Shiny Storm team have a beautiful range of jewellery, from simple earrings and rings to luxe pendants and gorgeous bracelets.
  4. Crystal statement pieces. Not just a stunning addition to your home décor, placing crystals around your home will fill your personal space with balancing energy. Have your chakra crystal kit on display for a beautiful, healing touch to your bedroom or living space.
  5. Carry your chakra crystals with you: This method is best used when you are focussed on clearing and balancing a particular chakra. For example, in a meeting where you need to speak your truth (or simply speak), carry a piece of Sodalite to help ease restriction in your throat chakra and give a boost of energetic power.

Which crystals are best for each chakra?

Finding seven different crystals for each chakra can be quite daunting: which stone will work best, have the crystals been sustainably sourced and is it a crystal or just dyed glass? Investing in a crystal kit is best in this case. Ana and the Shiny Storm team have curated a powerful and beautiful Chakra Crystal Kit, complete with information on each stone in safe and protective packaging.

Balancing our chakras is the first step toward this physical, psychological, and emotional wellbeing. Helping people feel better is what Shiny Storm is all about, and our team knows intrinsically that these precious stones will do that. Crystals are magical gifts from Mother Earth: she wants us to find them, to heal and become grounded on her country once more.