Crystals for Scorpios (and their self-esteem).

Crystals for Scorpios (and their self-esteem).

Crystals for Scorpios (and their self-esteem).

Scorpios. They’re enigmatic, intensely charismatic, incredibly fierce and let’s face it, a little scary. Behind all that swagger though, is a little boy or girl wondering if they’re good enough for the rest of the world. If you can skirt around the barbed tail and get under that hard Scorpio case, you’ll find their greatest weakness: a soft self-esteem underbelly.

Loyal, intelligent, perceptive and toughest of the water signs, Scorpios are excellent at displaying a hard shell, an impenetrable armour of quick wit and mystery. They love hard and will do anything to protect and preserve themselves and those around them. This makes them prone to control and searing self-doubt: hiding any flaws, insecurities and hurts is a favourite Scorpio past time. A childhood fight, a past love who wronged them, a job they didn’t quite nail or even a throwaway comment on their appearance last week will all be stored in the Scorpio’s grudge book, picked and obsessed over. The ultimate victim? Their self-esteem.

Restoring balance to their chakras, meditating for inner peace and releasing old blocks and resentments will help any Scorpio achieve greater joy and happiness with the world, and themselves. These are the Shiny Storm picks for your Scorpio loves.

1. Aquamarine

The cool, calming blue colours and soft, fluid energy of Aquamarine is the perfect foil to raging negativity. If a Scorpio feels misunderstood, they’ll open that grudge book and churn internally with a destructive cocktail of fears, doubts, and anxiety. Aquamarine will help to soothe and strengthen the inner body through balancing the chakras, enhancing confidence and promoting wisdom. 

2. Malachite

The perfect healing heart stone, the beautiful green of Malachite brings balance to the chakras, protection from negativity and clears energy blocks. It will help your Scorpio friend speak up, listen properly and take on the truth rather than wallow in their hard shell. 

3. Clear Quartz

A beautiful gift for anyone, Clear Quartz is all the things: grounding, healing, cleansing, calming… A wonderful neutraliser of negative energy and bad moods, Clear Quartz will help keep the haters at bay. Use this in conjunction with Smoky Quartz to bring true balance and knowledge of self-worth to our Scorpio friends.

4. Amethyst

Sometimes, all a Scorpio needs is love. When meditating with Amethyst, wisdom, clarity and strength are enhanced and self-esteem is restored. This stone helps clear all those blocks and cleanse negativity from the energy body, allowing the Scorpio to embrace themselves with all their quirks and intense characteristics with love. 

5. Sodalite

Sodalite is one of the best healing crystals for Scorpios because of its calming energies. It promotes clarity of thought, and helps Scorpios to be less emotionally reactive when their self-esteem takes a knock. Meditation with Sodalite is excellent for clearing the mind and improving decision-making.

6. Unakite

Take self-healing to new heights with Unakite. Emotional hardships are eased with this stone, allowing the Scorpio to disperse negativity and boost their self-esteem with renewed confidence. Patience, calm and gradually, a balanced state of love and happiness are achieved when we work with Unakite. A strong protection stone, Unakite is also wonderful for our fiery Scorpio friends to help ward off negativity.