Sagittarius: Crystals to enhance intellect and decision making

Sagittarius: Crystals to enhance intellect and decision making

Sagittarius: Crystals to enhance intellect and decision making

They’re a whirlwind of adventure, fun and deep conversation, but beware: get caught in the unbridled enthusiasm of a Sagittarian firestorm and you might get burnt. They love to travel, are intelligent, funny, naturally curious and capable of deep love and devotion. It’s not that the they mean to scorch you, it’s simply that our Sagittarian friends lack any kind of filter which might temper their impulsivity, restlessness and sharp wit.

Sagittarians can be great multitaskers, using their intelligence and enthusiasm to manifest just about anything into their world when their interest is piqued. Locked on to a target, their goals clear, this fire sign is almost unstoppable when their curiosity is stoked. Herein lies the duality of the zodiac’s archer: this wonderful free spirit is so enamoured with the various targets presented to them (jobs, lovers, destinations, you name it!), they can find it difficult to figure out which one to aim at. Whilst all that enthusiasm and intelligence might make them look like they’ve got it all figured out, sometimes, the Sagittarian feels like they’re aiming at nothing. They can be viewed as unreliable, restless, incapable of accomplishing their goals and even fickle. When in this state of aimlessness, our fiery archers can act impulsively, are prone to naivety, rebelliousness and may even descend into depression. 

Help keep your Sagittarian friend’s arrow pointed straight and true with the help of these beautiful crystals. 

1. Lapis Lazuli 

A Sagittarian birthstone, this beautiful blue crystal helps boost their greatest strengths: intellect and conversation. They may be natural-born speakers, but they also have a tendency to blurt out the first thing that comes to mind. Associated with the Throat Chakra, Lapis Lazuli encourages us to speak our truth with the added benefit of wisdom, perfect for the vocal or #nofilter Sagittarian. 

2. Sodalite 

This crystal promotes mental clarity and efficiency, ideal for our curious Sagittarian friends with their never-ending thirst for knowledge of the world, its people and places. Importantly, Sodalite enhances intellect, memory recall and intuition which will help Sagittarians focus their energies (and their arrow) on the worthiest goals first. Sodalite also calms, balancing those enormous energies of the Sagittarian with more tempered emotions and sensible decision making.

3. Citrine 

A Shiny Storm favourite not least because it comes from beautiful Brazil, Citrine is perfect for our adventurous Sagittarians, enhancing their mental clarity, creativity and motivation to action their goals. Gift your Sag friend a beautiful statement piece to sit on their work desk so that Citrine energies can wash over them, grounding them in the manifestation of their current target, as well as intellectual thought and creativity.  

4. Labradorite 

This stone is magical and transformative, tempering the negative aspects of one’s personality whilst accessing higher levels of thought. This makes Labradorite perfect for the curious and intellectual nature of Sagittarians. Labradorite helps calm the mind, easing impulsivity and restlessness. It encourages our Sagittarian friends to dial up the filter and get clear on their goals before loosing arrows every which way, especially when deciding on their next major decision. Our Labrodite pendants are beautiful, and will enhance Sagittarian intuition, creativity and decision making.