Five Tips For Making New Year’s Resolutions Stick

Five Tips For Making New Year’s Resolutions Stick

Five Tips For Making New Year’s Resolutions Stick

New Year’s resolutions are a powerful way to make change in our lives. We have a clearly defined date to start and after a holiday season of heavy celebration, the idea of setting a goal for better health, wealth and happiness seems exciting. Dare we say, even easy.

Fast forward to mid-January, and those resolutions made on the 1st may have begun to lose their sparkle. As the days creep by and old habits continue to wave. ‘Hello! I’m still here!!’ our motivation to maintain those resolutions waiver. We start snoozing the alarm, skip a day (or five) of exercise, have ‘just a few’ snacks before dinner, decide next month would be a better time to ‘really’ start, or give up all together.

Making those New Year’s resolutions stick doesn’t have to be an exercise in battling against yourself and feeling guilty when you slip up. Instead, be easy with yourself, and employ these five gentle techniques to maintain momentum toward a healthier, more mindful and happier you.

  1. Start small

A big hairy audacious goal is an excellent thing to have pinned to your vision board, but expecting it to turn up the very next day is unrealistic. Small steps toward a goal or resolution not only makes it easier to start, but ensures you won’t burn out too. Make small changes to your diet (replace potato chips with carrot sticks) and ease yourself into exercise (add a 20 minute walk, rather than a 45 minute Body Attack class to your daily routine). As you solidify the habit into your day, increasing these changes in frequency, length and breadth is more achievable over time.

Crystals: Amethyst is a gentle, calming stone which helps to clear negativity energy and blocks. Wear Amethyst throughout the day so that your decision making is clear, and your focus bright: those small steps will seem simple and their execution easy.

  1. Track your progress

Nothing motivates more than when we can see, feel and hear our progress. Track your growth toward your goal on a weekly basis, either through journalling or specific measurements. If your resolution revolves around your weight or physical appearance, taking weekly measurements and photos in the same position and clothing is a great way to chart your progress. Simply taking the time to reflect on what has been completed over the past day or week in a journal is another.

Crystal: Clear Quartz. Clear negative patterns and feel the power of Clear Quartz. This wonderful stone enhances and clarifies our thoughts, disperses negativity and encourages joy, perfect for reflecting on your (big or small) gains!

  1. Be flexible

We aren’t always presented with the ideal conditions with which to achieve our goals. What feels like an impossible obstacle for the day or week, might just be the universe steering you toward a better course. Perhaps you simply need to be still and listen to your inner self to take the next best step forward. Be flexible with your resolutions, and when you feel like it’s all too hard, meditate on a solution. The answer will come.

 Crystal: Fuchsite. The ultimate problem solver, Fuchsite is excellent for enhanced clarity and loving compassion. Meditate with Fuchsite for a boost of love for yourself, your journey and flexibility on a problem.

  1. Reward yourself along the way

A little carrot dangled ahead can be a powerful motivator. You simply need to decide what that carrot will be and when you can take a bite! For weight loss, perhaps new clothing. For a fitness goal, maybe a night at the movies. For regular meditation, a new Shiny Storm crystal of course!

Crystal: Serpentine. Balancing the chakras with a boost of Serpentine will always help to realise your dreams. This crystal’s power enhances our self-belief and brings a sense of wellbeing to our lives, perfect for those looking for greater health, wealth and happiness.

  1. Stay positive

Be kind to yourself. Obstacles and temptation to revert to old patterning will come up: remain positive and remember why you made the resolution in the first place.

Journalling your actions, thoughts and feelings every day or two is an excellent way to release negative energy, identify triggers and provide an opportunity for positive self-talk. Combined with regular meditation, staying on track with a positive outlook will help you achieve your dreams. Shiny Storm has a carefully created selection of journals to help you with your journalling. Take a look here.

Crystal: Lepidolite. Enhance your positivity with the calm and joyful energy of Lepidolite. Well known as a mood stabiliser, meditation with this stone when things get wonky will always brings you back to a more balanced and positive self.