Crystals for Geminis: grounding and communication

Crystals for Geminis: grounding and communication

Crystals for Geminis: grounding and communication

Symbolised by the celestial twins, Gemini’s are often misrepresented as being two faced. In reality though, they are so energetic, curious, adaptable and fast, it’s almost as though two people are needed to fulfil the role of just one Gemini friend. Besides which, they need someone to talk to! Endlessly social, the twins love to natter, communicate, debate, question, chat, converse, gab talk… you get the picture. Deeply cerebral, learning is their thing: everything is interesting, variety is the key to life and anything new or intriguing will have them in a delightfully animated lather. Yes, Gemini’s are high octane friends built to challenge your ideas and reserves of energy, but they are also very attractive, incredibly clever, imaginative, humorous, playful and youthful. Plus, they’re incapable of running out of things to say so there’s never an awkward silence, just more fun and laughter. You’ll never be bored with a Gemini in the front seat; this is why we love them so much!

As the most energetic and communicative sign in the zodiac, our Gemini friends sometimes find themselves in a spot of bother. Combine super social with uber chatty, and there is a tendency to gossip. This may then lead to anxiety over what they may have said to whom and how (Gemini’s are at times overly direct). Energetic, inquisitive and highly intelligent, Geminis will often have their head in the clouds, lean toward impulsivity and tend to be a little nosy. They’re endless fun to be around, but it’s important that our celestial twins can slow down to a blur and ground themselves in healing mother earth energy. Breathwork, yoga and most importantly meditation with calming crystals will help our Gemini’s race their way to the next exciting destination, but with a little more sensibility.

The best crystals for Geminis.


The birthstone of Gemini, this is a thoughtful and symbolic choice. Capable of balancing and soothing emotions, Moonstone is a calming influence on our frenetic Gemini friends. As curious individuals who love to learn new things and dive headfirst into relationships, projects or travel, Moonstone brings balance to the twins’ frantic energy while complementing their inquisitive minds. For a special birthday gift, earrings or this gorgeous Moonstone bracelet will have your Gemini friend talking for days (as if they need an excuse!)


Geminis live in the cerebral; bringing them back into the physical world is important for their health. This gorgeous red stone will help bring clarity, strength and self-awareness. More importantly, Carnelian will help put their feet back on the ground and root them to the calming energies of the earth. This beautiful light Carnelian bracelet will help your Gemini friend stay grounded throughout the day.


The soothing blue of Aquamarine helps calm an overactive mind whilst imparting clarity and courage. An exceptional communication stone for exceptional communicators, Aquamarine will help our Gemini friends get their point across in a gentle, loving manner, rather than the direct (read: rude) way they sometimes use.


Another birthstone associated with Gemini and the month of May, Agate is a perfect grounding crystal for the twins’ energy. This crystal will help stabilise anxious thoughts with gentle vibrations connected to Mother Earth. Agate comes in a range of colours, though this beautiful blue pendant will also assist with communication and the throat chakra.


Sodalite is another throat chakra stone and encourages our friends to speak their truth in a positive manner to others. It also promotes balance which makes it perfect for Geminis who have all that restless energy. Sodalite soothes panic attacks and reduces overwhelm of an overworked and worked up mind. Interestingly, this is also a powerful stone for learning new things, studying or starting a new job.