The best way to meditate with crystals

The best way to meditate with crystals

The best way to meditate with crystals

As people walk past our Shiny Storm stalls and stores, a magnificent cluster of Clear Quartz  or a beautiful pendant of purple Amethyst will stop them mid stride. They will stand and stare, mesmerised by the power and beauty of Mother Earth’s gifts to us. For that moment, they are deeply connected to the power of the crystal, and experience a sense of internal peace and tranquillity: their mind is silent. All that is important is the energy emanating from the stone in front of them Their hurts and concerns have disappeared for that brief moment, transformed and transmuted by the crystal in front of them.

Imagine the kind of healing and wellbeing you could achieve with that crystal, if the moment was more purposeful…

What happens when we meditate?

It is well documented that meditation, where we are able to cease the mind’s constant chatter and achieve peaceful silence within ourselves, can cure many ills. From depression to anxiety, from a lack of motivation or creativity to deep-seated mistrust of others or a fear of speaking our truth; meditation can help us find peace, quiet and calmness emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Why is meditation good for us?

When we meditate, we journey from external activity to inner silence, reducing stress, fatigue and toxins. The mind quietens, the body calms, and you experience a deep state of rest. This should always be our primary aim in meditation: rest is how the body naturally heals itself. Stress, fatigue and toxins are dispersed and energy blocks are cleared, opening the door to a happier, healthier life. By instilling calm and a deep sense of relaxation, your wellbeing is vastly improved: your creativity is born, healing is initiated and inner peace is established.

How do crystals help with meditation?

While meditation does not necessarily need anything but your desire to do it, crystals can serve as a powerful tool to improve your ability to quieten your mind and achieve greater wellbeing.

Using crystals during meditation can:

  • deepen the meditation practice.
  • help achieve a specific outcome.
  • reinforce your intentions.
  • raise your consciousness and awareness.
  • deepen intuition and insight.

Packed with specific vibrational energy, when used in meditation crystals can help calm your entire body, heal your inner self, clear blocked energy and recharge your internal batteries.

Choosing a Crystal for Meditation

The Shiny Storm team believes that crystals make their way to you. All you have to do is use your intuition and pick the one you are drawn to. Then you have found your perfect match for that day. If you are starting out on your crystal and/or meditation journey, choosing a few tumbles or investing in a crystal kit is an excellent way to cover all energetic bases.

For complete beginners, all-rounders like Clear Quartz, Amethyst and Aragonite are excellent. If you are an experienced meditator, you may want to choose crystals which can extend your practice further and deeper: Apophyllite, Caribbean Blue Calcite and Kyanite are powerful meditation stones.

If you have something specific in your life you would like to address, get very clear on what that is. Write it down, along with how you want to feel once you have cleared or addressed it. From here, look to see which crystal might help you heal best. Would you like more abundance in your life? Meditation with Citrine will help clear energy blocks around lack and doubt, and encourage abundance to flow to you. Have you suffered recent heartbreak? Pistachio Calcite will help you heal and allow those deeply held energies of joy, abundance and happiness to flow once again. Would you like to deepen your meditations, and experience greater connection with higher realms? Iolite supports self-acceptance, positivity and will help with visions and communications with higher dimensions.

The best way to meditate with your crystal.

The following guided mediation is an excellent base to start your inner healing journey once you have chosen your crystal.

  1. Ensure your crystal has been cleansed. You can do this through passing your crystal through Palo Santo smoke, placing it in the sun for a few hours or putting it under running water. Check with our Shiny Storm team to see which method is best for your crystal.
  2. Find a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed and settle into a comfortable position. Play a meditation track or breathe in calming essential oils.
  3. Hold your crystal in whatever way feels comfortable to you. This could be in your hand, in your lap, in front of you or placed over a chakra as you lay down.
  4. Set your intentions for this meditation, and ask your highest self to help you in this session.
  5. Close your eyes and connect with your breath for 2–3 minutes. Breathe in deeply for the count of five. Breathe out for the count of five. Breathe in for five. Breathe out for five.
  6. Try to clear your mind. When thoughts come in, just push them gently away and refocus on your breath.
  7. When you feel ready, ask your crystal for permission to use its vibrations. Simply connect to your intuition and feel for an answer.
  8. Connect to your breath and the crystal’s vibrations. Keep your breath relaxed, and see where the energies take you. Notice how your crystal communicates with you: which colour, sounds, sensations or visuals are making themselves known.
  9. Ask the crystal if it has any messages for you, to help you with your intention. It is fine if nothing comes up.
  10. Continue to breathe in and out for the count of five, and enjoy these moments of peace and calm. Just be.
  11. Slowly notice the sounds in the room, and the physical sensations of your body. Stretch and wriggle your toes.
  12. Slowly open your eyes and become present in the now.
  13. Give thanks to your crystal and your inner self.
  14. Reflect on the messages and clearing you have been gifted. Perhaps write a journal entry.

Meditation with Crystals

Remember: meditation can be quite difficult to begin with. You may feel like you are ‘fighting’ that voice inside your head, the one that won’t be quiet. As mentioned above, gently push the voice to the side and concentrate on your breath and your crystal. These focal points will help ground you to your inner self.

Still don’t know which crystal to choose? Pop into one of our Shiny Storm stores or market stalls for expert, gentle and loving advice.