Crystals for Cancer zodiac, positivity and grounding

Crystals for Cancer zodiac, positivity and grounding

Crystals for Cancer zodiac, positivity and grounding

Life-loving Cancer is a true gem of the zodiac: intuitive and sensitive, they are giving, affectionate, endearing and deeply sentimental. Become friends with a Cancerian and you have a loving pseudo-sibling for life! The Crab is compassionate and empathetic, humourous and caring. They love hanging out with family and in the water, from surfing the big waves to hours relaxing in the bath. Loyal to the core, these heartfelt homebodies will do just about anything for their families and loved ones.

Ruled by the moon, our Cancer friends are guided by this celestial body in both their emotions and intuition. In fact, the moon can influence their personality so much, they can almost turn themselves inside out to ensure the object of their affection feels cared for, comfortable and secure. Need a back rub? They’re warming up the massage oil. Want to clear your head? They’ve got a restorative walk all mapped out. If you are esteemed by the Crab as a friend, lover, family member, pet or even the house plant, you are lucky indeed!

All this amazing sensitivity, empathy and care comes with one little hitch: the Crab can get snappy if they feel unloved in return. Moody when rubbed the wrong way, our Cancer friends will retreat into their shell to dissect all the ways they feel they’ve been wronged and descend into a depressed, self-deprecating self-pitying spiral. Helping our Crabby friends deflect negativity, remain positive and ground them in the essence of their true delightful selves is a must!

Crystals to Help With Positivity and Grounding.


Sometimes, all a Cancerian needs is a boost of strength and confidence to lift them from a sad mood. Carnelian is the perfect stone to help bring awareness to their true self, and give them the courage to embrace who they truly are, rather than seeking affirmation from others. It will also help combat those mood swings and help the Crab focus on the present, rather than internally walking back over old ground again and again. Gift your Cancer friends a gorgeous Carnelian bracelet to give their self-esteem some oomph throughout the day.


This sea-green crystal will appeal to the Crab on lots of different levels, not least because it reminds them of their favourite place: the water. Aventurine is a positivity stone which helps shrug off those sad emotions, boost self-esteem and inspire action to seek out new adventures. When worn all day in earrings or pendants, the bad vibes will be kept at bay, leaving our Cancer friends to their usual affectionate, funny selves.

Rose Quartz

The powerful, unconditional love energy of Rose Quartz sings to the caring Cancer, but it also helps to bring emotional balance to our all-feeling friends. This stone promotes compassion and self-love, which helps to boost the Crab’s low self-esteem and high mood swings. A little tumble to carry in their bag will bring a smile to their face and remind our Cancer friends that they are always loved, even if they’ve had a bad day.

Smoky Quartz

Ever the protector, Smoky Quartz will help transform that negative energy into positive vibes and ground our Cancer friends into the here and now. This powerful stone will absorb all those blue moods of confusion, hurt and anxiety. Heavily associated with the root chakra, Smoky Quartz will help give clarity to the Crab’s feelings and support them on their sideways walk to inner peace and positivity.


Affected as they are by water and the pull of the moon, this crystal is a powerful ally for our Cancer friends. Moonstone is soothing, calming and will help the Crab sort through their confused feelings to gain clarity of thought and connect more truthfully with their intuition. With its ethereal colours, Moonstone makes a beautiful gift of jewellery and when worn throughout the day, can carefully light the way through any mood or obstacle.