The Science Behind Crystal Energy

The Science Behind Crystal Energy

The Science Behind Crystal Energy

Spoiler: there is little scientific evidence that crystals will cure your physical or mental ailments. This is a cold, hard fact. You cannot put flakes of crystal into a laboratory beaker, heat it over a Bunsen burner and expect to create a medicine that will treat your broken leg or a potion that will cure your malaria or inability to speak up for yourself.  

Does this mean crystals are useless to us? Absolutely not! In fact, there is a lot of evidence to suggest that crystals are one of the most powerful tools we can use to enhance our emotional and mental (and therefore our physical) health and wellbeing.

Why are crystals powerful?

Even if you were the world’s most practical, scientific, non-magical-believing pragmatist, there is no denying that crystals are beautiful. These beautiful gifts from Mother Earth catch your eye with their colours and shapes, and for a moment, you are mesmerised. All your concerns, hurts and fears have disappeared into the prisms of a magnificent stand of Amethyst or Clear Quartz, Caribbean Blue Calcite Tower or a cluster of bright Citrine. And once you are in the thrall of a crystal there is no denying it: something beyond beauty has drawn you to this stone.

Crystals and Energy.
In the early 1900s, Einstein proved in his theory of relativity that everything on Earth, from you and me to the phone you’re holding, the chair you’re sitting on or the water you drink, is made of matter and vibrates with energy. Every object has its own particular vibration and frequency, and crystals hold a particularly powerful kind.

Crystals are fossilised minerals whose atoms or ions have arranged themselves over time into a highly regulated format. This in itself points to crystals as being extraordinary, but it gets better. The way these atoms and ions vibrate, or move and interact with each other, creates a certain subtle energy. Because this crystal energy vibrates at a fixed rate, they calm and regulate the energy around them, especially the chaotic kind we tend to carry around in our body, mind and spirit. No wonder we are drawn to them! Acting like a magnet, crystals can absorb negative energies, clear energetic blocks and protect us from other damaging energies. In each case, our own internal energy is uplifted and soothed, leaving us feeling grounded and calm.

Crystals and healing.

Crystals maximize the healing abilities we already have contained within us. There is a growing amount of research which suggests the power of our mind (and our mindset) is our greatest weapon against ill health. In particular, meditation is now seen as a crucial aspect of good health and wellbeing alongside nutrition, exercise and sleep.

Crystals have been highly regarded as powerful healing tools for millennia, from the ancient Sumerians and Egyptians, to the Greeks and the Chinese. Now these semi-precious stones are known for their excellent support in meditation. Similarly, a crystal can help you focus, enhance your creativity or make you feel more confident even as you go about your day.

In meditation, you feel at ease much more quickly with the grounding sensation of a crystal on or near your body: chatty thoughts quiet and melt away when we have a beautiful crystal as our muse. You connect to your breath and your inner self more easily. Once this occurs, we can begin to heal our body, mind and spirit, feel more love and bring more joy into our lives.  

Not sure which crystal will help best on your healing journey? Call into one of our Shiny Storm shops and ask me (Ana), Felipe or any of our amazing experts. Alternatively, browse our comprehensive list of crystals on here.